7 Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

It is such an exciting time, to be expecting a little baby, and you are about to attend a surprise baby shower. What will you gift this expectant mom? There are a wide range of products available for both baby and new mothers; today we will showcase 7 gift ideas for expectant moms as a means to let you be the best gift giver at any baby shower event.

7 Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

7 Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

Self-Heating Baby Bottles 

This is a dream come true for the new parent who has been awoken from a deep slumber only to find out their baby is ready to eat now. Self-heating baby bottles will make the newborn days easier for the expectant mom.

Convertible Maternity Clothing 

Since the expectant mom usually wears maternity clothing for only 9 months, purchasing the gift of convertible maternity clothing allows the expectant mom to use maternity clothes all year round, even after baby is born.

Light Pulsating Bassinet

With a light pulsating bassinet that responds to the baby’s breathing patterns, there is no more stalking your baby’s belly to ensure the movement is there in response to breathing while sleeping. Simply watch as the light pulsates to baby’s breathing.

Baby Carriers 

All new moms will need to carry their newborn with them pretty much everywhere, giving the gift of a unique baby carrier will provide hands free days for the new mom.

Sonogram Frame

Give the gift of a forever memory with a sonogram frame customized for expectant moms to view their sonogram of new baby for years on end.

Body Pillow

A body pillow can come in handy for expectant moms as they approach their due date and get a bit uncomfortable. OMG! I had fun while pregnant and it was HEAVEN! Body pillows also come in hand for newborn baby feeding time, as it helps to prop baby up during feedings.


There is a wide range of both expecting baby books as well as new mom books on the market that will make the perfect educational, entertaining and insightful gift for expectant moms. The list of gifts for expectant moms could go on forever, as there are so many products on the market for gift giving during a baby shower. When deciding on what to gift an expectant mom, think about her needs as an individual as well as her parenthood needs. Stay in line with respecting expectant moms desires, such as if they are not going to nurse the baby then don’t purchase gifts that are geared for breastfeeding parents. Think before you purchase the gift for an expectant mom, be certain this is a gift that they will smile bright when opening at their baby shower. See Amazon Top 100+ Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

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