7 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Children


Teaching your children to have a healthy lifestyle is taught by the parents. It is not something that is just passed down from genes. You have to show your children how to take care of themselves and to have a healthy lifestyle. Teaching them healthy habits is essential, and will be carried with them through their lives!  Below are some healthy habits I have compiled to help teach your child a healthy lifestyle!

7 Healthy Habits To Teach Your Children 

7 Healthy Habits to Teach your Children

 Don’t Skip Breakfast

 Making sure your child eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner is very important. They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They need a nutritious breakfast to help fuel their body for the day ahead. 

 Grab a Tissue

 Teach your child if they need to cough or sneeze to grab a tissue. If their nose begins to run, grab a tissue. Have them on hand and a trash can near so that they can blow their nose when needed. After they use a tissue to wash hands immediately after. This helps eliminate spreading infectious viruses. 

Spending Time Outdoors

 It is no surprise we live in a digital world. So make sure to get your child up and moving. Go outside and get some fresh air, whether you play around the house or go to a park. Making sure they are not glued to the tv or iPad all the time is a must. Let them use their imagination outside, and see the world! If you have a dog, take it for a walk. 

Family Time

 Everyone sitting down for dinner is a great way to teach your child family time. Talk about your day or an event coming up. Making sure you have a family night or even a game night is a fun way to incorporate family time. Teaching them it is important to spend time with family! You will be thankful for this down the line, as they grow and leave! When they know family is important they will make time to be around you and visit! 

Dental Hygiene

You may think this is a no brainer but some parents don’t take the time to teach their child to brush at least twice a day and floss. Having good oral hygiene is so important. Having bad teeth can lead to health issues and more. Teach your kid how to brush properly and floss. 


When you step outside make sure to teach your child to lather up that sunscreen. Our skin is so sensitive and you want to protect against sun damage and skin cancer. So always have sunscreen on hand and teach them why it is important to lather up. Summer time the peak hours are from 10 am to around 4 pm. 

Teach Them To Follow Rules

Following rules in life is something we all need to be aware of. Listening to elders, wearing our seat belts, and the list goes on. We live in a world full of rules and it is important to teach your child to follow the rules. You can tell them why it is important. This will help them in their life as they grow! 

These simple steps in teaching your child healthy habits for life will go a long way! They learn so much from us and it is our duty to teach them how to live a successful life! 

7 Healthy Habits to Teach your Kids

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