7 Ideas to Create a Perfect Kids’ Room


When you have kids, you want them to have the best that you can give them. Some people say that the perfect kid’s room doesn’t exist, but that’s not true, and if you can’t give them much else, you sure can give them an awesome space. It doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic, but in this article, I am going to be looking at some of the things that you can do to create the perfect kid’s room. 


7 Ideas to Create a Perfect Kids’ Room


7 ideas to create a perfect kids' room


1. Get Them Involved


If you have slightly older children who knows what they want, then get them involved in the process. Talk to them about what they would like to see in their room, and if there is anything specific, they want you to incorporate. Make them feel as though they are having the final choice in everything, even if it means that you have to steer them a little in the direction you want them to go. Narrow some things down to a couple of options, and then let your child choose which one they would like as this way; you have already pre-approved whatever they decide.


I know that this can be a pain because a child’s preferences change from week to week, which is why you should sit down with them and talk about this. Tell them that they only get one chance to make this room the best it can be, so whatever choice they make is final. They will take the task a lot more seriously, and choose things they love, rather than things they just like.


2. An Awesome Bed


The next thing that you should look at is getting an awesome bed. If your little one is old enough to have a proper bed, then look into all the different cool shapes that you can get, or if they want something simple, go for this. But, most kids want something cool like a race car bed or a princess bed, so if you can make this happen, then this is going to be great for them. You can find these in certain places online, so if you type in what you’re looking for, you will probably come across something that your child will love.


However, if your child isn’t old enough, then you’re going to have to make all the decisions for the child. This is going to include making sure that there is a safe sleeping environment for baby, and if you’re not sure exactly how you can create this right now, there are plenty of guides online that tell you what to do. Ensure that you follow the rules and guidelines set out to keep the baby as safe as possible while they are sleeping. The older they get, the more things can start changing, but in the beginning, safety is more important than anything else.


3. Painting On The Walls


If you’ve ever seen some kid’s rooms online, then a lot of them have awesome paintings on the wall. You might not be much of an artist, but that’s okay because you can always hire someone to complete the job for you so that it looks incredible. Think about what kind of thing that your kid is into, and then decide what you want to paint on the wall. For example, if you know your kid is mad about dinosaurs, then this is perfect. Likewise, if The Little Mermaid is your kid’s favorite, then a picture of Ariel surrounded by her friends under the sea is an awesome idea.


Having something unique in their room like this is going to be fantastic and exciting for them. If you aren’t doing it as a surprise, then you can always ask them what they would like to look at every day. It gives them something a little bit different about their room to the others that they know, and this will make them very happy.


4. Toy Chest


You should also ensure that you have a toy chest in the room. They are going to have to learn to clean up after themselves at some point, and what better thing to start with than their own toys in their room? If you just get a big chest for this, they know where all the toys go once they have finished playing, and they learn to put things away once they are done with them. Not only are you teaching them this helpful life lesson, but also their room won’t be messy so they won’t be standing on any toys, breaking them, or hurting their foot in the process!


There are a range of toys chests on offer from various different places, so just shop around until you find one that is the right size for the number of toys that your child has. Don’t forget that not every single toy has to fit in here because we bet that would never happen! Just get one, put it in the room, and your child will know where to look when they want to play with those specific toys in their bedroom.


5. Personal Items


You should also be including personal items in the room so that it feels more like their own room. Things they love should be included, and even some cute family photos or nice memories put into a frame would be a nice touch. Ensure that if you do this, you put the frames somewhere that your child can see them, but they are out of reach so they can’t touch them or knock them over. The perfect room is always going to have personal items in it, or it could be anyone’s room. If you look around your room right now, you have chosen everything that is in there, and I bet there are plenty of personal items. Even though your child is young, they still have things that they treasure and want to see.


6. Teddys!


Not all, but most children love teddy bears, and if yours is one of them, then make sure there are plenty in the room. They can sleep in the bed with your child, or they can sit on top of the wardrobe, or the toy chest where they are there but out of the way. Although, if your child isn’t a fan of teddys, then you don’t want to include them in the room. It might just freak them out, or they might throw them out of the room if they don’t like them.


The reason that most children like them is because they are comforting. They have a friend that they can sleep with at night and carry around during the day if they want to, and it’s like having someone with you all the time. Kids can have a lot of fun with a teddy, so if you do see them becoming attached to it, don’t take it away unless it is absolutely necessary. At the end of the day, the teddy is going to come back to the room so it’s not really a big deal.


7. Plenty Of Storage


Now, not all kid’s rooms are big enough to have a whole bunch of storage space put inside, and if this is the case, then instead of crowding the room, you should find another place in the home to put it. Don’t clutter up the room and leave no room for walking or playing just because you want to put all the boxes and wardrobes in here. Fit what you can in while still leaving enough space for them to play on the floor, and put anything extra in your room or in a cupboard somewhere.


I hope you find this article helpful, and now see how you can create the perfect kid’s room.



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