7 Items for Your Ultimate Self care Kit


Truth be told, I have never entertained the idea of having a self care kit. Never needed one as I am a go with the flow kinda girl with a make the moment work kinda spirit! When I really badly need to pause, I just press pause and retreat to a quiet corner. I then proceed to either journaling or meditate, whichever is suitable for me at that moment. My self care needs go rarely beyond these techniques and when they do, it is usually time out. Meaning, I block out everything and go dark for a few hours or days to enjoy the stillness. I can’t talk, behave normal or pretend all is good with the world. I just have to deal with the issues and God willing, come out on the other side, unscathed. It is a pretty personal process where I am the Judge and the Judged. There is only one way to end it and that is to suck it up and be an adult! And yes, it sounds steep and extreme but it is what it is. Old fashioned and hardcore.


But lately, I have been thinking about having a self care kit, a wellness arsenal to fall back on if meditation and journaling route doesn’t work. This is also greatly beneficial for people who are rather new to practicing self care and appreciate the guidance in how to get into the game of self love and acceptance. It is quite easy to create a self care kit or care package-whichever name you would like to call our little project!  And did I mention, it is exciting to collect all the little things that can go into your lovely tote or cute box with the one aim of making you feel better when you really badly need it someday?


7 Items for your Ultimate Self care Kit


Create a self care kit with 7 items


Creating a self care kit is an investment for a rainy (mental) day in your life. The act of caring for oneself is divine. It is NOT how much you do for others that matters.  It is how much you are doing for YOURSELF that matters in the Book of Self care. In fact, that is Rule 1 if you are serious about it. I can go on about how important it is to give a shit about yourself but today is not the day to open that Can. Today, we are all about doing the grunt work. Putting together a nice little oasis that can be contained in a tote bag or flowery ornate box. It can be even a physical space in your house. Call this your SOS, your Holy grail, your Jail free card, whatever. No rules on the naming ceremony. I call mine, Samantha. Just kidding!

Anyways, let’s begin.


What kind of a person are you? Pretty little things make you happy? Or is it the objects connecting you to some personal history that has the potential to bring a smile or comfort?

Or are you more like a mixed bag personality? A little bit of both worlds? I like the sound of that. So for the purpose of this post, I am treating you as a mixed bag.


1. A Photograph


Do you know what they say about photographs? A photo is a fleeting moment from your life when paused. That moment or rather the picture has the potential to make you feel exactly how you felt when it actually happened. A happy memory that made your heart soar, something you were really proud of, filling up your soul with love and adoration…Yes! That one. The perfect picture.

Go hunt that photograph. It is patiently waiting in your camera roll to develop, one of the thousand images in your phone photo library, family album or simply forgotten in the pile of boxes in your attic..wherever it is, go find it now. It belongs in your self care kit. Item #1.


2. The Book


And this could change with the seasons. Nothing wrong with that. I have different tastes when it comes to feel-good books. At one point, I was after legal thrillers. Yeah, it made me feel a tad good. Thanks John Grisham! At present, I am reading Rhonda Byrnes’s book, The Magic. After completing The Secret, I knew I was on to something in the area of self love and personal growth. So I had to buy The Magic. And I was right. Magic teaches you about the ONE THING you need to start feeling better. Gratitude. Never underestimate the power of saying thanks mamas. So in goes the book into my personal tote. Item#2.


3. Essential Oil of your Choice


Fragrance can work magic for your feelings and emotions. If you are feeling low, dab a few drops of orange essential oil. In no time, you are back up and running. Need a little boost for your upcoming meditation session? Frankincense will do the trick. Sleep always plays hard for you to get? Lavender is your best friend to begin a love affair with the bedtime routine. There is an essential oil for EVERYTHING under the Sun! So I would say an essential oil of your choice, one that speaks to you is a perfect addition for our self care kit. Find the one now! Item #3

Create self care kit with 7 Items


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4. Favorite beverage

A cup of favorite beverage might be just what you need to wind up your spirits in low moments. Have you noticed, the act of making a hot coffee or tea in itself is soothing for your soul? Being a coffee person for life, it is all that comes to my mind when thinking of a favorite beverage for my self care needs. That being said, I know people who swear by tea! Flavorful, soothing, even fancier varieties for every occasion! Don’t you think one of those should definitely go into your self care kit? I do! Item #4


5. A Motivational Quote Card of your Choosing


Are you a quote person? Inspiring words have the ability to scoop you up from sadness and discouragement.  Quotes or positive affirmations can often show you the light when you stumble in the dark and in need of some guidance. They offer support, companionship, and enlightenment without expecting anything in return. Such is the power of words. And you can carry a piece of them forever in your self care kit. I particularly like this set of motivational cards I found on Etsy. Beautiful words, nice design and color palette. Very convenient to keep in your self care toolbox as they come as little cards! Item #5



6. Journal


A journal is a staple in my self care kit. I can’t think of it as complete without one. Sorry, you must be bored to death with my journaling posts on the blog but trust me, everyone needs a journal in their life! Just as reading motivational books, journaling is a wonderful self-therapy to power up on the cheap! So when you need a time out from life, and none of the items in your self-care toolbox work, promptly pick up your journal and start writing.  Allow at least 15 minutes of mindless brain dump. Gradually, you will feel relaxed and grounded and in the zone. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone through this process and how many times it has worked without fail. That’s right. The success rate is 100%! Item #6.


7. An Object you are attached to for all the good reasons


Just like a photograph to bring back fond memories, a physical object can also trigger good thoughts. It contains good vibes and can instantly bring peace and harmony to your mental realm. It may invoke the happier side of you as you touch the physical outlines of it and indulge in the sensation only it can bring forth.

Any of this ring a bell?

It might be a favorite toy when you were little (if you still keep it for whatever reason- that itself says you have fond thoughts associated with it), a favorite music CD collection, a scarf, a feather, jewelry, a piece of wood, a Christmas card from a loved one, a letter written by you to someone or written to you by someone, a seashell or sea glass reminding you of a visit to the beach, a piece of clothing belonging to someone, or even yours reminding you of a happier time you wore it….you get the idea. It is a good candidate for our self care kit. Item #7


This list is a good place to start in creating your own self care kit. Especially when it is your first time making one, I know these ideas are helpful in pointing you in the right direction. But you must also know by now that these self care toolkit ideas are by no means definitive and restrictive. You decide what things make you feel good. I have no way of knowing that. Let your heart guide you in finding the elements that you are positively attached to. Reverently collect them and package your self care kit.

May the items of your choosing bring you the solace and comfort when you need it as you sit down with your self care kit on one of those time out days. That is my prayer for you.




With love, Vinma



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7 Items for Your Ultimate Self care Kit

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