7 Self-Care Products Every Woman Must Have

There are certain self-care products that every woman needs. While they may vary a bit from person to person, these items can make entires days, moods and situations seem manageable and under control.

The life of a female can be stressful. From work to family and outside social obligations, it’s easy to understand how sometimes, a little self-care is needed. And while it may be tempting to head to the spa and treat yourself here and there, why not instead invest in self-care products that you can use over and over again?

These simple products can make a big impact on the lives of women all over the world.

7 Self-Care Products Every Woman Must Have

self-care products every woman must have

Gratitude Journal

Being able to write down what you’re thankful for every single day is a wonderful way to shower your heart and soul with love over and over again.

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Chakra Stones

These stones are not only beautiful, but they are said to be able to help relieve stress and anxiety as well. Some women find great comfort in holding them in their hands during stressful times while others like to be calm by their beauty.

“I Got My Own Back” Coffee Mug

The great part about being a female is that you are automatically great. And doesn’t ever strong, an independent female needs an amazing coffee mug to show off one of their best traits?

The Spiritual Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care

There are so many things that women have been doing for years that are wonderful self-care practices. This book puts them all together in one nice neat little self-care book.

Neck Heating Pad

Did you know that most stresses are held in the shoulder and neck area? What better way to relieve a bit of that pressure than by using this microwaveable neck heating pad. It’s soft, warm and certain to help you feel at ease.

Scented Candle

Talk about relaxing…curling up with a good book, a warm blanket and an amazing smelling candle sound like the perfect self-care trio that you need!

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Foot Massager Machine

Who says that you have to even leave your home to have one of the best foot massages out there? All you need is this awesome machine and you can literally give yourself a foot massage at any point in time that you want!

Oh, and don’t forget Essential oils. They are always a must in your self-care package!

The combination of these 7 self-care items really does make for one awesome treat for any and all females out there. These products allow for reflecting, comfort, pampering and relaxing…all with ease and all from the comfort of home.

While there are thousands of varying self-care products out there, the combination of these items is a winning one. As a woman, anytime you can find the time to take care of you, do so.

Work will wait, the outside pressures and stresses of the world can wait…but your mental and emotional health? Needs to be at the top of your list. Don’t delay any longer in putting your self-care in front of everything else!

xoxo Mama

With Love, Vinma

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7 Self-Care Products Every Woman Must Have


  1. Awesome post! The neck heating pad is actually cool for neck pain relief and i think it’s not for ladies alone, men can use it as well. Ladies should not enjoy the good things only. lol.

  2. This post gives great insight, and I believe men can also benefit from it. I am more interested in the neck pad. I spend much time in front of the computer, and I always have this excruciating neck pain that affects me even after the day’s job. I will like to give it a trial and hopefully benefit from your suggestions here. Thanks for this article, it is so educative

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