7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Most bloggers want to make some money off of their blog and with good reason! You work your butt off, putting out the best content possible. You treat your blog like a full-time job, so why wouldn’t you want to earn a few bucks?

Here are 7 ways to monetize your blog!

7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog


7 Ways to Monetize your blog


1.Sell Ad Space 

This isn’t always the most popular option but it is a viable option. The key is having competitive pricing and offering more than just placing a button or ad on your side bar. Offer to tweet out something the advertiser once or twice a month. Throwing something extra into along with the ad space will help make your advertising package stand out!

2. Sponsored Posts 

Sponsored posts are becoming all the rage and with good reason! Brands are starting to realize that bloggers add a lot of value to a company’s marketing strategy. Sign up with places like Clever Girls, She Heard, Massive Sway and Mom Spark and you will start seeing lots of sponsored post opportunities. Typically a sponsored post will pay between $50 and $500!

3. Affiliate Links 

Some people do great with affiliate links and others really struggle. If you haven’t tried using affiliate links you might want to consider giving it a try. One easy way to start out is with Amazon or Escalate Network. Anytime you write a post, add in an affiliate link where applicable. It will take time to earn money but the reward is usually worth the wait.

4. Host Giveaways 

A lot of bloggers are getting paid to host giveaways for brands. Getting paid for hosting a giveaway is not something that happens all the time but it’s worth checking into! Start by connecting with brands you have worked with in the past. Offer to host a giveaway for X amount of dollars and you might be surprised at who bites.

5. Reviews

While reviews don’t typically provide you with cash, you can get some awesome products! If you start pitching in advance you can get a lot of your Christmas, Birthday or even school shopping done just by doing reviews. Write a professional and to the point pitch email about why a company should work with you. Most brands love the opportunity to work with bloggers.

6. Google Adsense 

This is probably the most popular option among bloggers. Keep in mind that Google will not pay you until you have reached $100. You will also want to make sure that you follow all of the Google terms of service or they will disable your account. However, this is an easy way to earn some extra money. Some bloggers make a living on Adsense alone.

7. In Text Links 

Have you ever came across a blog post that has certain works hyperlinked? These links are typically ads and when you click on them the blogger makes a few cents. Info Links is a great company to sign up with if you are interested in text links. The payout is much lower than Adsense and the money adds up quick!

Here are the 7 ways to monetize your blog. But the opportunities doesn’t stop here. There a ton other ways you could rake in money from your blog.

Have a tip to add? Please feel free to use the comments 🙂


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