7 Ways to Save Money in The New Year

2013 has become a distant memory to us already as we stand in the first of twelve months of 2014!

Chances are, you are still going strong with your  New Year’s resolutions and  thinking of ways to best prepare yourself financially in the New Year. Luckily, there are many ways to save money in the New Year. This year, why not look forward to a year of financial freedom thanks to a little money in the bank? Take a peek below at 7 ways to save money in the New Year that are all simple and painless. Take a look!

7 Ways to Save Money in The New Year

1. Give utility companies a call.

Now is the perfect time to call your phone, internet, and cable company to see how you might negotiate a lower rate. Simply let them know you are shopping around and comparing rates and ask what they might be able to offer you as a loyal customer. You could save as much as 20% just by asking.

2. Try some generic food products.

This year, try switching out 5-7 of your usual food items with generic brands. You can easily save as much as 40% and chances are you won’t even notice the difference. Many generic cereals, breads, soups, and baking products taste just as good as the name brand, so give generic a try and save. While you are at it, why not try generic toiletries as well?

3. Switch to cloth.

Ditch the paper towels and napkins and switch to cloth instead. Not only does it create less waste and is better for the planet, but it is better for your budget as well. The dollar store is the perfect place to find fun and trendy linens!

4. Make your own cleaning products.

Instead of buying expensive store bought cleaning products, try making your own using vinegar and citrus oils. They work great, smell great, and cost a fraction of what you would normally spend.

5. Go on a spending freeze.

A few days each month, place yourself on a spending freeze. Promise to not spend any money for 3-5 days per month and instead save what you would normally spend. This is a great habit to get into each month.

6. Change your dining hours.

If you still want to dine out, try eating during lunch hours instead of dinner. You will spend a fraction of what you normally do and still feel like you are treating yourself. Don’t forget to clip any coupons that might be available before you dine as well!

7. Vow to use X amount of coupons per week.

Even if you are not a coupon clipping queen, vow to clip and use X amount of coupons a week. Start small, perhaps 5 coupons a week. If you clip and use 5-$1 coupons, you just saved $5, or $20 a month! That can really add up! Make a promise to yourself to clip and use so many coupons per week and keep track of your savings. You will amaze yourself.

See how easy it can be to save some serious cash in the New Year? None of these methods are tricky or time consuming, in fact they can become like second nature. So give these tricks a try and see what you can save in 2014.


  1. We switched to cloth a few years ago and it’s really not as hard as it sound. I think people freak out about it, but seriously. And it saves polar bears.

  2. Great tips Vinma. This is the year for greater investment and less spending for me so now I can add some of your ideas!

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