8 Brilliant Ways to Save on Disneyland Hotels

Who doesn’t like to go on vacation? I know I do! (raising hands)

I love the thrill of packing the bags and unplugging everything to take off to a place that is away from home. The anticipation of meeting new people and setting foot somewhere that I have never been before is simply too exciting.  

You see,  travelling is a means of going off the radar for me. Ideally, the cell phone would be off (Hello Unplugging!), and Wi-Fi would be in scarce. Yay! No work to keep me away from my downtime. Its time to unwind and let loose.  Soak up in the luxury of being someone else than you normally are in real life…no need to stick to a schedule, no chores to tackle and no deadlines to meet. Sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? 

I let the kids to get excited too, specially if the travel planned is to Disneyland! We are yet to visit THE MOST happiest place on earth but half the fun is anticipating and preparing for a dream trip such as this. And yeah! I have been hoping to make it to Disney for years…hopefully, soon. 

8 Brilliant Ways to Save on Disneyland Hotels

When planning any vacation the two largest expenses are typically your form of travel and hotel or resort stay.  Disneyland is a wonderful family friendly destination but the hotel and resort costs can send your budget through the roof in no time at all.  I have taken some time to research on How To Save On Disneyland Hotels and found multiple options for the average family.

Today, I am sharing 8 Brilliant Ways to Save on Disneyland Hotels to help you achieve your dream vacation within your budget. These tips are mainly contributions from my family and friends who has taken the trip before me. So they are tried and true ways. Without legwork, I  know now how to have a comfortable stay at Disney without breaking the bank 😉 

So dig into the secrets of how to save on Disneyland hotels folks! 

1. Book during the off season

 Disneyland is a popular destination year round but according to their own website and common knowledge there are select date ranges in which traffic is lower thus the hotels in the immediate area will have fewer reservations and more likely to have lower rates or be more negotiable.  Avoid booking around holidays and look at the following times of year for lower rates on Disneyland specific hotels and resorts:

    • Mid-September through Mid-November
    • Mid-January through Mid-March
    • Mid-April through Mid-May

2. Book during the week instead of weekends

Weekend rates at hotels are traditional much more expensive than mid-week.  Booking Tuesday-Thursday will give you a savings of up to $30 per night on average.  

3. Compare prices then call hotels directly for reservations

 Although most resorts and hotels have discounts listed at your major online booking sites (Priceline, Booking, Hotels, Expedia, etc.) you can often call the hotel direct and request a lower rate.  Even $10 a night difference can add up over the course of a week stay.  Before booking online, always check directly with the hotel to see if they offer a standard discount not listed online.


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4. Use club discounts

  If you have AAA, AARP, Diner’s Club Card or other common programs you may be eligible for additional discounts on your hotel stay.  Many hotels and resorts also offer discounts for those who have valid Military ID.  

5. Check with a travel agency

 Call around and ask about vacation packages available through travel agencies, Disneyland’s website or specific Disney travel sites.  Sometimes the combined price of flight, hotel and park tickets can be lower through an agency or website than when booked separately.

6. Sign up for reward programs

 This is especially great if you travel for work.  Sign up for hotel reward programs that give you points toward future stays.  Although most hotels in the Disneyland compound are owned directly by Disney or an affiliate there are many in the area that are part of nationwide chains you could easily use rewards points at for discounted or free stays.  {Note: rewards points are typically awarded 30-45 days after end of stay so make sure all points are in your account prior to booking the stay you wish to use them for}

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7. Book outside the city

 Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California but the area surrounding this city is rich with hotels, culture and availability at reasonable rates.  Within a 25 mile radius you have multiple cities to choose from.  Brea, Fullerton, Buena Park, Garden Grove and Placentia are all within reasonable driving distance.  Although you will not be able to walk from your hotel to the park itself, the money saved on your hotel stay will more than make up for any gas used to travel from your hotel to the park.  

8. Split costs with friends and family

 If you choose to stay in one of the resorts or hotels beside the park, check out the possibility of booking a suite and splitting the costs with your friends or family.  Many hotels offer 2-3 bedroom suites with kitchenettes that would provide each family needed privacy and the bonus of ability to cook some meals for yourself saving extra money on dining out. 

Rest assured, you can rely on 8 Brilliant Ways to Save on Disneyland Hotels to go easy on your pockets. Friends of mine who visit the place often usually save a ton by following any or all of these tactics mentioned above. I am fortunate to have known them (few of them are travel writers so the info is credible) and hoping to use the hints from this post to make the most out of our time at Disney.

I can’t wait to take our dream vacation and when I do, you will hear all about it, fair warning 🙂 

Have you been to Disneyland yet? Do you have any tips that would help us in terms of saving money on our hotel stay or at the parks? Let us know!

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