8 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is upon us with lots of ghosts and goblins waiting to hit the streets for some Trick-Or-Treating.  Now, if you are like me, you might be wondering how to have costumes without breaking the bank.

No worries, today I am going to let you in on the secret of coming up with easy costumes that can be made for little to nothing. So get ready to get your scare on!  

Dress up with any of these DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids!

8 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

1. Paper Doll

Get some cardstock (poster board), duct tape and markers. Have your child lay down on a large piece of poster board that can be found at most Dollar stores. Draw an “outfit” in the shape of a dress around them. Finalize it by drawing in details and coloring. You may even want to get extra creative and add a “purse” or a “hat”. Don’t forget to draw tabs on it the way paper dolls have. Your child will love decorating this one! To make it stay, connect the ends with duct take similar to a sandwich board and tape the sides. There you have your Paper Doll!

  2. A bunch of grapes

You read that right! Just get purple balloons and blow them up. Have your child dress in a purple sweat suit. Pin the balloons on them and add a green ski hat. All done! They would look so cute, I promise! 

3. 80’s rockstar

Love thrift shopping? Then this is your chance to get “radical” while shopping. Shop for some radical duds. For girls, tease the hair and add crazy, bright makeup.

4. Logger

This is a favorite of mine. Dress your little one in a plaid shirt, jeans, suspenders over the plaid shirt and boots. Make an “ax” out of  foam. You may want to add a 5 o’clock shadow as well and a ski cap.

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 5. Tooth Fairy

Dress your child up as you would for an angel or fairy. This is great if you can find wings at the dollar store. To make it a tooth fairy, pin cutouts of toothbrushes on her costume. Hang a cardboard “tooth” around her neck as a necklace. Put glitter on her face. Tooth Fairy is ready! 

6. Pippy Longstocking of Sorts

Easiest one from this bunch. Just dress your little girl in mismatched long socks, a colorful jumper, mismatched shoes and do her hair in braids. If you want to make her hair red, use a simple can of red hairspray. Add freckles with a brown eyeliner.

7. Lego

Dress your child in all one color. Take a box that is large and rectangular add plastic solo cups to make a lego out of it. Spray paint it, allow it to dry and attach it like a sandwich board to your child’s shoulders. Personally, I know my son would love this one!

8. Go as a chef!

Get a chef’s hat at a thrift store and have your child wear black pants, a white shirt, and apron and you may even wish to draw a big black mustache on them. To collect candy, get one of those plastic cauldrons or another lighter kind of pot.

So, what do you think of these 8 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids ? Pretty creative, huh? Spending money on costumes will be a thing of the past if you really bank on your creative side. There is no telling what you may come up with…Unleash your imagination and get your DIY on! 


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