8 Life Changing Organization Ideas to Implement Right Away!


When you reach a certain age, it can become difficult to get more organized. More is thrown at you as a person, whether that’s to do with your job, your personal life and how many others you might be responsible for in your household. Taking control of your life and being organized is going to make you feel much better in general. So if you’re looking at ways that you can help organize your life, here are some helpful organization ideas and tips.


8 Life Changing Organization Ideas to Implement Right Away!


organization ideas for a better life


1. Get The Right Phone


Your phone can often be a lifeline, and we wonder what we ever did without our phones. The reality is that our phones give us so much more functionality and can help us to get our lives in order with the help of technology. So to get yourself in shape, it’s a good idea to get the right phone that you’ll need in order to sort out your lifestyle. Think about your current phone, perhaps you need one that’ll be able to last a little longer battery wise or maybe you need to think about buying a new phone completely. There are plenty of plans out there, like this SMARTY unlimited data plan. Thankfully, packages like these can offer us the opportunity to be constantly able to access our diary and speak to our loved ones no matter where we are.


Getting the right phone or at least the right apps can be a huge help to how well your structure your life. The apps that we have on our phone can control appliances in our house, schedule our day and help us keep on track with our fitness plans. It’s almost like having a personal assistant on your phone!


2. Bulk Cook Your Meals For The Week Ahead


Cooking meals from scratch or at least following a recipe can be time-consuming to do every evening. Sometimes, we don’t always have the time to meal-prep food, and often enough, it can be the last thing you want to do when coming back from work. To save money, buying food that can be cooked in bulk is essential and then when it comes to prepping your meals for the week ahead, this can be done during one Sunday afternoon. Most meals can either be kept in the freezer or in the refrigerator. Planning out your meals for the week can also mean that you stay on course for a healthier diet, rather than picking something up from the shop like a microwave meal. That or ordering takeout can be just as bad for you.


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When it comes to modern-day families, not all household members are readily available to eat when everyone else is. Bulk cooking meals can be a way of everyone getting their food, even if you’re not eating all at once. Dinner time is an important time of day though so make sure you can sit down together where possible.


3. Work As A Team In The Household


Your household is and should be a team. If you’re doing all the household chores or you have your partner doing all the cooking, that’s not entirely fair. Children can learn what it means and involves to run a family home. Not only that but they’ll grow up having a respect for the home and to not just treat it like some dumping ground to leave stuff. Get your household together to ensure that you’re all on the same page when it comes to contributing. As your children grow up, they need to remember the responsibilities that come with living under the same roof and how they can help give to the household. These life skills are going to be very beneficial to your kids, so don’t feel bad if you’re thinking it’s asking too much of them to keep their room tidy or to help you with a task in the home.


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4. Have A Cleaning Schedule


Now as an adult, you shouldn’t be the only person who is cleaning the home. That’s not fair on you and nor is an example that you want to be showing your children. Set up a cleaning schedule for you and the rest of the household. A cleaning rota is a great way of making sure that everyone is doing their fair share of chores.


Just like you have work, your children also have school. You should both have the same levels of energy and commitment to your home and how it looks on a daily basis. Keeping your home clean and organized can also make you feel happier within your home. Try to keep on top of daily chores that need doing and every so often, try to get a deep clean of your home in too. Assign your children the responsibility to respect and look after their own rooms and to have a go at doing their own washing too. It’s not something you should be afraid of them do, especially as they’ll need to do it eventually themselves anyway.


5. Do A Spring Clean Of Your Wardrobe


Giving your wardrobe a spring clean be worthwhile because one area of our life that we tend to ignore is switching over the clothing as each season goes by. Before you know it, you have summer with winter wear, and you’ll likely find yourself staring at your clothing and not finding anything to wear. Give your wardrobe the declutter it deserves at the end of every season and chuck anything away that isn’t being used as often or has gotten too worn over the years. Being able to have a cleanse of your outfits can be a good way to help you feel better about how you look and feel in your clothes.


Try to separate yourself from the clothing that might be sentimental. It’s important to let go of clothing that doesn’t suit you anymore and may need throwing out. The more you throw out, the better it’ll feel in the end. You’re getting rid of things that needed to be disposed of in order to move forward.


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6. Aim To Always Be Early


Being early to things can actually feel very fulfilling and something you can definitely find a lot of benefit in when you’re trying to become more organized. By planning your day in detail and figuring out how to make your appointments or meetings on time is essential. However, being able to get somewhere a little earlier can certainly help. It gives you the chance to then relax and focus on getting ready for what has been asked of you. Whether that’s taking your child to an after-school class or meeting a friend for dinner. Aim to get there earlier and to avoid disappointing anyone in the process.


7. Avoid Procrastinating


Procrastinating is one of those things that many of us can often find very easy to do. It can be easy to do because normally when we get fed up of doing the thing we don’t enjoy, we find anything else to distract our mind. And the reason for procrastinating is because we’re bored.  So to help yourself, trial some different techniques in helping you stay motivated throughout whatever you need to do. Whether that’s to watch a video every twenty minutes or to actually block the apps you use regularly, and that tempt you to be distracted. These apps can temporarily freeze them so that you can’t use them until the time is up. It’s certainly worth doing to help you feel like you’ve got more done in the day than you’d normally get done. That feeling of being organized will come from this too.

8. Take Time for Yourself


Self-care is one of those things that are really essential to your health because if you’re not looking after yourself, then you certainly end up feeling disorganized as a result. Try to spend time on yourself more often and do things you love. The more you can do this, the more motivation you end up having for yourself and for your life in general. If you’re not spending time on yourself, then it can be difficult to put in all your focus on other people. Pick a day out of the week and find an hour where you can simply relax and enjoy a time that’s too yourself completely. You might want to have a bath or go for a massage.


Being organized in life can take a bit of practice, but if you’re willing to work at changing a few aspects of it, you’ll feel much more at ease with it. Start taking more of those things in life and getting them into some sort of routine. From your cleaning rotation to showing up nice and early for things you’ve booked into your calendar. Take time for yourself and help avoid procrastinating with the right apps or methods. We can all better our organization skills, and it really can be a thing that takes a long time to master. So don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon every now and then.


Hope all of this was helpful!




With love, Vinma



8 Life Changing Organization Ideas to Implement Right Away!

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