8 Spring Clean Gift Ideas for Mom on Mothers Day


Do you think different when it comes to gifts? Do you get a kick out of spinning unique gift ideas for special occasions?

There is no fun in coming up with those cookie-cutter gift items, in my opinion. Especially, if the gift is for your Mom. I mean she deserves the extra thought you would put into getting something she loves! Well, but it is no secret she would love ANYTHING from you! Be it an exquisite piece from Tiffanys or roses from the local flower shop. But that is beside the point if you are still reading this post.


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Coz I know you are ALREADY thinking outside the box for cool Mothers Day gift ideas. And if it doesn’t cost a penny? Ooooh yes, please! So let’s dive right in and brainstorm some Spring themed unique gifts for Mom this Mothers Day!


8 Spring Clean Gift Ideas for Mom on Mothers Day


Unique Mothers Day gifts for Moms


A great gift for Mom on Mother’s Day is spring cleaning. With a few cleaning supplies and elbow grease, you can spring clean your Mom’s house for her. This is a Mother’s Day gift that your Mom will not only appreciate but costs very little to give to her. Mother’s Day arrives right in time for a good spring cleaning.



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1. Fix a Snack Tray and Drink as Mom’s Present


If your Mom is anything like many Moms, she’ll want to jump right in there and help you with this Mother’s Day gift. Set up a snack tray and drinks for Mom. Sit her on the couch and let her relax while you do all the work for her.


2. Give Mom a Movie to Watch as Part of the Gift


One way to get Mom to relax while you clean is to get her a movie. Pop the movie in and let her watch it while you clean the other rooms of the house. This will keep her occupied and be a nice part of the present for Mom.



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3. Strip the Beds and Wash the Sheets First


Since it takes time for bed linens to wash and dry, start with the bedding first as part your gift for Mom. If she has spare sheets, you can let the bed air out a little, spritz with linen spray and then place the clean linens on it. Put the old sheets in the wash and let the machine do all the work while you spruce up the rest of the house.


4. Bathrooms Next for Mom’s Gift


Next, tackle the bathrooms. This is an area that’s not usually very pleasant to tackle. Just go ahead and get it over with first. Don’t forget to check and refill Mom’s drinks and snacks periodically. Even if she protests a little, you know she’s going to love a sparkling bathroom.


5. Surprise Mom with a Sparkling Kitchen


As part of Mom’s present, wash and put away the dishes. If cabinets have become disorganized, surprise Mom with arranging them back the way she had them. Remember this is Mom’s present for Mother’s Day, so don’t be too tempted to re-arrange the cabinets as you want them. Follow how she normally has them.


6. Tackle the Refrigerator


Take the food out of the refrigerator and place in a large cooler. Remove the refrigerator shelving and door shelving. Wash with a light mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Replace everything back in the way Mom normally likes her cold items.


7. Next up, Cabinets


Wipe down the fronts of cabinets and cabinet door handles. For wooden cabinets, use a small amount of wood furniture polish on a rag and polish up the cabinets. Mom’s gift for Mother’s Day will amaze her at how much newer her kitchen looks with the cabinets so well-cared for.



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8. Dusting and Vacuuming


The final step for Mom’s gift is dusting and vacuuming. Save this for last. You Mom can enjoy the movie, snacks and drinks without noisy cleaning equipment bothering her. By the time you get to dusting and vacuuming, Mom should be done with or close to done with her movie. If the movie isn’t over, sit down for a break and watch it with her.


Many of us feel the urge to clean during the start of Spring. Moms traditionally do a lot of the housework. One of the best gifts for Moms is a good spring cleaning where she can be pampered, have the house cleaned and not lift a finger. All It costs primarily is your time to give this Mother’s Day gift for Mom.


If you care to share your own unique gifts for Moms, feel free to chime in comments 🙂


xoxo Mama



8 Spring Clean Gift Ideas for Mom on Mothers Day

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