8 Super Creative Ways To Decorate Your House For Halloween



So you’re ready to get into the Halloween spirit, but you don’t want to waste a whole lot of money on decoration. No problem because we’ve got some creative DIY ideas that will frighten your family and your guests when they come over without actually scaring the money out of your bank account or wallet!

8 Super Creative Ways To Decorate Your House For Halloween

8 Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas


1. Make A Halloween Tree

How about doing a little recycling, as in, dusting off that Christmas tree a couple of months early and turning it into a Halloween tree. You can probably find some black or purple garland online for cheap, and spray paint your Christmas ornaments black and orange. But don’t forget to add some cobwebs using cotton, and a couple of fake spiders.

Check out some great ideas At Shelterness for inspiration 🙂


2. Create A Trashy Witch


Use a black bag and stuff it with old leaves from the yard or packing peanuts. Just make sure you weigh it down if you put it outside so the wind won’t blow it away. The black bag will be the body. Now you just need a head, which you can make with cardboard and paint it and then tape it to a ball and place it on top of the stuffed black bag. Now all you need is a pointy black hat for your wicked witch. See this pin? Pretty cool isn’t it?

Witch circle, made from trash bags
Source: Pinterest


3. Glowing Eyes

Save those empty toilet paper rolls, draw some spooky eyes and then cut them out. Now all you need is to guy some glow sticks to stick inside the roll and you’ll have some spooktacular glowing eyes that you can hide under a table, in a closet to scare someone, or even a bush for those trick-or-treaters. 

Get a picture here. 


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4. The Batty Lamp

Draw the outline of some bats on black cardboard paper and then tape them to the inside of your lamp shades. It’s super easy, but make sure that the paper doesn’t come into contact with the hot bulb to avoid a fire. Now turn that light on and you’ll have a batty silhouette that everyone will enjoy in the living room. 

Look at these pretty Halloween special lampshades made by Young House Love. Neat!


5. Outdoor Monsters Face

This spooky cool idea from Nifty Thrifty Thriving is something I want to try this year!

Grab some foam board and trace out some scary sharp teeth and some eyes. Afterwards, you can use some acrylic paint to add some scary demonic eyes and then hang the pieces with a series of long screws. Now only the most daring of trick-or-treaters will venture into your realm and ask for candy on Halloween.


6. Dancing Lawn Ghosts


Would you like some dancing lawn ghosts to keep you company?

Well then, you’ll need a couple of Styrofoam balls to make several ghosts. Now poke each ball through the top of a white tall garden stay and then cover it up with a white fabric. Just remember that the lighter the fabric, the more the ghost will appear to dance in your lawn.


7. Glass Jar Lights

Now, this would be pretty cool! Glass jar lights to jazz up your house when the little ones come for trick or treat.

Use some paint, tissue paper, decoupage, tape and permanent markers to create a scary vista that you can tape against a jar. It could be a crow, a haunted house, or a series of bats flying in the sky. Now add a small candle inside to bump up the creep factor. You can even use glow in the dark paint to make it spookier when you turn off the lights.


8. Huge Scary Spider

Halloween decorations are never complete without a spider around, agree? 🙂 I find this craft idea from Listotic pretty awesome!

Greet trick-or-treaters with a huge black spider that’s bound to freak out any arachnophobe in the neighborhood. You can use a one large styrofoam ball for the body and a smaller one for the head and glue or pin it together and then spray paint it black. Now cut out some pipe insulation for the creepy crawly legs and large googly eyes for the finishing touch.


Had your fill of wonderfully spooktacular and creative ways to decorate your house for Halloween? Need more? Sure, have a peek at some of my previous Halloween posts on the blog.


Have fun decorating friends 🙂 Happy Halloween!



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