9 Travel Hacks To Try On Your Next Trip

A travel hack is a way to save you time, money or solve a problem you are facing when traveling. Below I have gathered up some of the top travel hacks to try on your next trip! These will, like I said save you time, money or make things a little easier for you!

Whether you are hitting the open road or hopping on a plane, there is a hack or two for each way of traveling!

Read below on all about the most popular hacks out there.

9 Travel Hacks To Try On Your Next Trip

9 Travel Hacks to Try on your next trip

1. Packing Shoes

 When you go to pack shoes, put them in a shower cap or old plastic sacks you get from the grocery store. Wrap them up, so they don’t get dirt and anything else on your clean clothes. 

2. Collapsing Laundry Basket

This works especially good on road trips. Bring a collapsing laundry basket. It is a mesh style so it allows clothes to breath and you can store dirty clothes. Just pop it up and store in the trunk or backseat, and then put your dirty clothes in it. This will help you to keep things separate and organized on dirty and clean. 

3. Pill Box for Jewelry

 Use a pill box for jewelry, this will help keep them safe and hopefully they won’t tangle up. 

4. Packing Liquids

When you go to pack shampoo, conditioner, and any other liquids do this tip to prevent spills. Take a little plastic wrap and unscrew the cap. Place the plastic wrap over opening and then screw cap back on. This will help prevent a spill. Or you can toss your items in a plastic bag so that if they do leak, it doesn’t get all over your clothes.

5. Carry a Power strip

When you are traveling carry a power strip! This is great to make sure you can charge your phone and other gadget easily, sometimes finding an outlet is hard. Let alone more than one to charge all your items. This way you can use the strip to charge multiple gadgets at once. Great for airports. 

6. Don’t Book Flights for the Weekends

 Booking flights on the weekend can mean you pay a higher price. Go up on a Friday and come home Monday or Tuesday. Try not to hit up a Saturday or Sunday if you can. Best days for the cheapest rates is Wednesday and Thursday. 

7. Hotel Stay

If you are staying in a hotel, find one that offers a free breakfast. Also check out luggage storage Atocha, where you can keep your belongings  safe and secure in case you aren’t able to check into your hotel right away.  This is a great way to save money on a meal and also for convenience sake when traveling. Use Priceline or Hotwire or even Groupons to find the best rates on hotel rooms! 

8. Free Car Rental Insurance

If you are renting a car, before you buy in to the rental insurance car insurance, call your credit card company. Some credit card companies offer free rental car insurance as a perk. It is worth asking to see, it could save you a lot of money. Also a great idea to call your own insurance company to see if you happen to have rental car coverage on your existing car insurance policy. As an Insurance advisor by profession, I strongly recommend you check in and review your policy before the trip. You might be surprised at what you are already covered for!  

9. Dining Out

 If you are going to be eating meals on the go, consider dining out at lunch time. They offer the best specials for lunch and can be very affordable. Now when it comes to dinner, head to the supermarket and shop for food there to save money. Also, use online deal sites like Groupon to save money at restaurants. 

So there you have it my friends. Summer is a time we all pack our bags to go see places. Hope these hacks come handy when you plan your next trip!

Happy Summer 🙂



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