A Case of Barbie

Please tell me this is a mistake.

I mean how can he be so obsessed with Barbie? He is a boy. Boys like boy toys,period.

Their world is all about action figures, Minecraft, Legos and such. There is no place for anything pink- no Dora, My Little Pony, definitely no Barbie.  You are in girls department. Dora and Strawberry Short Cake are my little girl’s best friend. She throws tea party for them everyday! And it is normal.  

I am happy about the choices she made about her friends and tea parties. Because it is normal for a girl.

My 5 year old son on the other hand is a different story. And his story worries me…But then, everything worries me. I am a Parent for a reason.


He is obsessed with Barbie! He is in so much love that he has already started campaigning for a Barbie backpack and lunch bag for the next school year. 

This year, he wants Santa to bring as many Barbie toys as possible. And I wonder how Santa is going to get out of this trap without breaking a little heart, ummm? 

His “Barbie Madness”started with the show on Netflix, Barbie Life in the Dream House.

It has quickly became his favorite.

He has watched the same season a 100 times and still not bored! While his little sister is open to watching more age appropriate and fun shows like Paw Patrol and Curious George, her big brother is still a loyal fan of Barbie. Well, okay he is willing to substitute Barbie with My Little Pony or Dora occasionally, but not always.

I am a bit confused.

Aren’t girls inclined to like Barbie more than the boys? I look at both of my kids  see a disruption of natural balance.

As I said earlier, I am worried. Really worried.

Let me make this clear.

My  son is so content to play with his little sister’s toys. She has Barbie toys,doesn’t she? While my daughter thinks of it as a great opportunity to try a hand at all of her brother’s toys. Her favorite is Batman. Go figure. Although, I have to say my daughter is not addicted to Batman the way my son is addicted to Barbie. 

Speaking of toys, My son ‘unknowingly’ hid a whole bunch of his sisters toys in his closet for about a week. The stolen toys included her tea party set, Minnie Mouse Plush toy and of course Barbie. Even though, he realized the mix up and gave her the stuff back, my son found it really hard to part from lovely Barbie. I wonder what kind of hold she has on him…

Shopping at Walmart is a nightmare! My first born naturally drifts to the pink aisle where he get to see all things Barbie and waste no time demanding to buy one. He can even settle for Anna or Elsa dolls, you see? Who said, he is not reasonable?

I brush upon my temptation skills and nudge him towards the boy aisle where the transformers or Ninja Turtles are lying in waiting but he would have none of it! They are not pretty like Barbie, aren’t they? While other customers at the store gawk at me, I will myself to disappear with all the Barbie toys from the store..

Bed time- he is ready to be tucked in as I walk in with a story book. Tonight I am determined to take a jab at Franklin even though he is looking at me beseechingly with what? A Barbie story book??? How did he get that? I am pretty sure I didn’t buy it. Not a chance!  

“How did you get the Barbie book?” I ask sweetly.

” I got it from my friend at school Mommy. Can you read it for me please? I love Barbie!”

No kidding, that is pretty clear now. I grudgingly take the book from his little hands and start reading.

I find myself asking quietly on the inside.Why can’t he be obsessed with Spider Man or Hulk?Wouldn’t it be easier for me?

Then I look at my son’s face. The contentedness that was shining through instantly warms my heart. In that moment, I realize the role Barbie plays in lifting up his spirits.

He is happy, for Christ’s sake!

Perhaps, Spider Man and Hulk really need to work on their friendship and magic a bit with little kiddos’ such as mine.Or may be it is that Super Hero ideologies and prevailing good over evil  means very little to him at this early and innocent stage of life. 

Everyone can see Barbie is a natural. She is kind, friendly and beautiful. And my son has fallen for it and it is okay. It makes him happy. It proves the beauty and tenderness of his soul and I should be nothing but proud. 

I am proud that his path through life will be carved not by  all the “just because” that is out there, but by who he really is. 

I am proud that one day I will see him standing tall among the crowd as a Trendsetter, as a Leader in believing what he thought was right. 

I am proud that I gave birth to this unique individual. 

Putting aside Franklin, I picked up the Barbie book and started reading.

The  starry night sky looked beautiful than ever from our bedroom window when I finally closed the book and tucked my little Trendsetter to sleep…




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  1. Barbie is awesome. I had so many as a little girl. I love looking at them when I go to Toys R Us while shopping for my little boys. toy cars.

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