A Day like Today…

Since I have returned to work full time after maternity leave, it is getting more and more difficult to manage my blogging hours, read the books I have in pending for reviews and not to mention, to catch upon my favorite TV shows.

 My day starts around six in the morning with a cup of much needed coffee and ten Wm coffeeminutes of quiet time (if I get lucky, that is.). Then, I will go about waking up the kids and getting them ready for play school ( Kevin) and baby sitting at their Grand Mother’s place( Krista). In between feeding them break fast and changing their cloths, I will be somehow managing to grab a bite and turn on my work mode at an inhuman speed. This includes, visiting the washroom while kids wail in the background (for whatever reasons) and engage in the most tedious task of figuring out what to wear to work. In fact, I hate my wardrobe passionately and constantly wish for the cloths that lie in a disarray in my closet to arrange themselves by magic in the order of the ones that currently fit my body size. Since that is not to happen, I often stare at them blankly on my busy mornings and resign myself to whatever comes my way at the moment. If people around me think that I don’t look cool or presentable, they can all be my guests and go to hell. Ha! 


 If I get lucky enough and get past the wardrobe business on time, my next stop will be the fridge. Some nights, I prepare lunch for the next day before bed, but not always. So, ‘the not always days’, I will pick up knick and knacks of food lying around and designate it as lunch for the day. If I am in no mood for that, for example, days like Monday (the most hateful day of the work week), I will just altogether pass on the fridge engagement. I will simply eat out on those days.

 Work hours, in my case nine hours, passes in a blur. Once I achieve the work mode, it is all auto pilot. Hope, you understand what I mean. No thinking, no feeling- just go, go, go until the time comes to leave for home. That is the only way to deal with it. If I even for one minute, stop and take a breather and think “What the hell am I doing here?” – I will be like, done for the day, mentally. That cannot happen. So auto-pilot full on until late evening. wm 3

 Next is, battling the traffic. I live twenty five minutes away from work via highway. So, you can guess, rush hours are crazy. There were times when I spend one and half- two hours in the car getting stuck with traffic.

 When I get home, I still have to deal with the kids who are throwing tantrums around, not eating their supper or just not simply interested in listening to their Daddy who tries to create order out of chaos. Without missing a beat, Super Mommy take over and set things in place- which includes making the kids eat, we eat, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. Krista will be ready for bath by the time which is also a chance for me to unwind. Her playfulness in the water relaxes my stiff self from enduring the day and I will laugh with all my heart for the first time since waking up in the morning. wm 5

 It will be Kevin’s turn after Krista’s bath and he likes his Daddy time in the washroom. And I let the boys be, happily. After Krista is safely placed in the crib, with the remaining strength left, I stumble to where my bath is waiting. I do not take much time there though because at that moment, bed is where I want to be.

 Once I am clean and feel saner again, sitting again at the computer to write or blog holds grim possibilities.

 So, I pick up the book I am currently reading from the night stand and settle down in my bed to read.

 Hubs: “Hey, are you going to watch that show, Criminal Minds? I think they are running the new episode today”

 Me: “Huh? What? Oh…yeah… No, I don’t think I can today. Could you please set the PVR on? I can watch it some other day”

 I am not sure if he responds. 

 I can already feel my eyes getting heavy, and the book lies forgotten on my side of the bed.

 I did not manage to read even one page today. What a waste? I sigh sleepily.

 As for the TV recordings of all the shows I have been missing, according to Hubs, there is a long list of programs from the beginning of 2012, craving for my attention.

 I haven’t gotten around to them as well. I wondered about the chances of watching one of the episodes on my day off whenever that is. But I know in my heart, I would rather sit and do nothing or sleep on my next day off… For me, at this point, that sounds more attractive than anything else 

 With that in mind, I slip into to a deep restful sleep to once again come alive to a new work day and the responsibilities that entails…

 What is your work day like? Be it, working from home or away from home, I would like to know how you go about managing the chores that your work day bring to you…


  1. I know exactly where you are coming from. The first few years with my kidlets I always felt as if I was running and speeding around to get everything done. It’s tough when moms like ourselves work out of the home – because of the extra time we need to commute, etc – it all cuts into time at home and with our families. Things started to get better for me when I was able to work out a flexible work schedule with my boss. I work Monday – thursday in the office and Fridays at home. It helps tremendously with house chores, I can do laundry, write out the shopping list, clip coupons and make dinner while chiming in on conference calls. It also allows me an uninterrupted afternoon alone with my kids and I always try to do something with them – a craft, go to the park, play a game together. I also feel that things have gotten smoother as the kids (now 5 & 3) have started to get older…..

    hang in there, it does get better!

  2. Even though I’m home all day, I don’t get the time to do what I want, especially reading! Going by how your day goes, I applaud that you get anything done!

  3. Having to work outside the home when the kids are little is exhausting. I remember doing it with 3 kids ~ one just started high school, one was in middle school, and one was in elementary school. I honestly don’t know how I survived so I totally empathize with you. By the way…….LOVE Jami Gertz and would totally want her to play me in a movie about my life. 🙂

  4. I definitely remember those days and feel for you! My kids are teens now, and while I am still pretty busy, it is way less intense. You do get some down time again, it will happen!

  5. I have to tell you how much I admire you for being able to hang there and keep going each and every day! You sound like Super Woman to me! I have busy days and I am at home all day. I do work from home for an online SEO company but I only work one day a week (Fridays) and it doesn’t pay that much. My days during the school year are pretty hectic. I wake up every morning at 5:30 to 6:00 and grab that cup of coffee. There is no peace and quiet though since for some reason all four of my kids wake very early haha. Then I’m busy getting everyone fed, dressed, teeth brushed, so that we can start school at 8:00AM. (I homeschool) I barely have time to comb my hair and find something clean to put on myself for the day LOL.
    Next we are doing school, which is actually lots of fun so I won’t complain, until about 11:30 with breaks here and there. Then it’s time to fix lunch and get my youngest down for a nap. Sometimes she fights taking a nap so it might be almost 1PM before she finally gives it up and falls asleep. Then once she is down for a nap, I run around trying to do laundry, dishes, and a little cleaning if I can. Also checking email, doing blogging things too. Then later by 4PM I need to start dinner.
    So my day goes like that. It is busy but I have to say that I don’t know what I would do if I had to work outside of the home. You are awesome Vinma! 🙂

  6. I can relate. When I was subbing I worked 8-5 every day and had to commute a half hour each way. It’s crazy! I wish there was some well paying part time work. That way I could still make some dough and still have some time!

  7. Girl I can feel your exhaustion, you described it so well! I struggle with being organized. I’m quite convinced my days would be so much easier if only I was organized! But who knows….I have to say that I enjoy crazy busy days, as a matter of fact I thrive on them! But I feel your pain…I have a pile of books just waiting for me to read…

  8. Oh I’m so sorry things are so crazy! I work from home so my struggles are different but I almost wish I could go on autopilot sometimes. I feel like I start something, get a bit done then remember something that needs to be done for hte house: laundry, vacuum, mop. At the end of the day not everything is done but lots of things are mostly done;) So frustrating! you are amazing and I know finding the balance and tyrying to get it all done is so hard. It even makes the things you love (t.v., blogging, etc) seem like a chore, doesn’t it? Hang in there!! You’ll find the balance! It’s almost Friday!

  9. Life balance is hard for all of us parents, whether we work outside the home or not! Good for you for realizing your blog needs to move down the priority list while you adjust.

  10. I think just being a mom is exhausting!! I, too, work outside of the home and have a blog – all three parts of my life are full time jobs in their own right! Kudos on being strong – keep it up, it will pay off!

  11. I remember that. There’s still a long list of shows from 2004 and 2005 (the year my kids were born) that I haven’t seen. The good news is that they are all on Netflix or Amazon and I can catch up anytime I choose to.

  12. I never seem to accomplish anything around here. I’m always feeling like the house is a mess. With kids in sports and working from home, there simply isn’t enough hours in a day. But really, who is going to care if the house is a mess? I can’t imagine after I am gone the kids are going to say, ‘Our house was always a mess.” Hopefully they’ll say we sure had a great childhood! I’m done with feeling bad about it. I get to what I can get to, and that’s that.

  13. Keep on keeping on mama! I really appreciate an honest look at your day. I’m home full time with a preschooler and one on the way. Most of my days start around 5:00 am and end when the kitchen is clean after dinner. After that, I try to relax a bit. We watch Wheel of Fortune as a family and then I usually exit for the evening – often before my preschooler is ready for sleep. My husband is a rock star night owl and does bedtime duty most nights and I take the morning shift. I’ve given up on almost all tv for now. There are very few things that are worth the little time I have for them. The ones I love, I catch on Hulu plus when I can.

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