A Day with the Psychic


One of the perks of being a blogger is that you get to try new products, review businesses that have just launched in the market or provide a feedback on services offered by a certain company. In my years of experience working as a blogger, I have had my share of interesting affiliations with brands and businesses and I have enjoyed every minute of it! It would be my pleasure to say that while offering the clients my services as a blogger, I have also managed to take away a piece of treasured wisdom from here, a valuable information from there or a lesson that lasts a lifetime from the overall encounter with a particular project. It was always a win-win situation.

After all, there is a beauty in doing what you love to do and saying, ‘I am just doing my job’. Right?

Anyways, recently I was approached by a local psychic with a request to review her business! I must confess, that was by far the most interesting business proposal I have received through my blog. I was intrigued with the psychic business and at first, I was not even sure if I should take on this assignment. I slept on it for a couple of days thinking about the pros and cons among other things. I asked myself whether my audience will find this topic interesting and is there any type of wisdom or new information that they can take away. The answer was ‘yes’ since my blog was also about lifestyle. If I can find this proposal interesting and at the same time intriguing, then I was sure my readers would also feel the same way. Mind you, I have never done a ‘reading’ in my life. So, all the more reason to take the plunge, right?

A Day with the Psychic

Well, long story short- We agreed upon a phone reading. It was a Saturday and the appointed time was 11 in the morning. ‘C’ (that’s her name. Mysterious, right?) was very pleasant to talk to and she had such a calm and soothing voice. I could picture her sitting at the other end with the tarot cards spread on her table with some scented candles burning close by (okay, I have seen similar scenes in the TV. Getting a little carried away here :)).

‘C’ advised me that she will talk first based on the cards she will pick for me and later on if I have any questions, I can shoot at that point. I was very enchanted with the whole experience especially when ‘C’ got certain things right about my past. Since I was on the phone with a Psychic, I also decided to ask her certain questions that were nagging my mind for some time now and ‘C’ provided me with some real satisfactory answers, instantly!

Our session lasted for almost 40 minutes and it was fruitful.

Since this was also a review of her business, I asked her questions about it. “C’ is been doing this job for the past 15 years and has clients worldwide. She does ‘readings’ over the phone, Skype and email. ‘C’ loves what she does and she feels she has done her job when a client walks away from her feeling encouraged and happy, with some questions answered. Even though ‘C’ lives in Toronto, she is pretty open to accepting clients from all over the world. All you need is some faith in what she does and also an email to reach her 🙂 which is cpsychic@cpsychicreadings.com.

My experiences with Psychic reading

Interested to know more about her services? There is a website    🙂

Overall, it was a beautiful experience and that phone call with ‘C’ left me with peace and calmness which is so hard to achieve these days. And I am glad I talked to her.

 ******Disclosure: I was compensated by a free session for the review of this particular business. No other means of compensation, monetary or otherwise is involved. Opinions expressed here are honest and are not influenced by the compensation offered******


  1. I have had tarot readings and palm readings and am very interested when you can find a person who can do a true reading. I have had some readings that you know were a sham. But…. I have had some readings that you have to say…. Holy Wow!! How did she find that out!! I am open to a phone reading.

  2. I agree that being a blogger offers some great opportunities! Gotta say though, visiting with a psychic never entered my mind as being one of them!

  3. I have had my palm read twice in my life–I never had my cards read by a professional psychic. It would certainly be interesting to see what she would have to say. I will go check out her website and see if it is affordable for me.

  4. This is just something I don’t believe in and have never participated in. At least your experience was positive

  5. I do not do the psychic/card reading thing. Growing up it was forbidden, and still to this day I avoid it.

  6. Being a blogger brings so many great things but this well i have never thought that would be done lol,i have never had any cards or anything done i may do one day.

  7. I was a big fan and still am to tarot readers and others that can read my future! I am not sure if I will be comfortable talking on the phone. I prefer in person but this will benefits to those who wants to talk with the psychic on the phone.

  8. I am not the type of person that would visit a psychic but as a blogger, I have had lots of opportunities that I would never have had otherwise.

  9. Glad you had such a great experience. I think that this can be very beneficial for many. I know many people who have used these type of services and were very happy.

  10. I’ve never really been too interested in hearing what a psychic had to say. I always thought they were phony and after watching Psych one of my favorite show it just cemented it for me. I’m sure some of them do know what they’re talking about but I guess that’s just me.

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