A Glimpse into the Earth Day Activities Around the World

 Little Passports firmly believes that global adventure wouldn’t be possible without a globe to explore. So, It’s up to each of us to learn about our planet and ensure its health. It comes as no surprise then, that Earth Day is one of their favorite holidays. Earth Day Activities around the world bring lots of festive air to their celebration! This year, people all over the world will come together to celebrate Earth Day.

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In light of Typhoon Haiyan, which ravaged Southeast Asia in 2013, young people in the Philippines are holding a convention called “Sulong! Power Shift Pilipinas.” “Sulong” means “forward” in the Filipino language of Tagalog. They want everyone in the Philippines to talk to their friends, neighbors and leaders about using sustainable energy sources instead of fossil fuels like gas, coal and oil as part of their Earth Day Activities. What a great way to raise awareness about environment and also of the preciousness of our Earth!

Sustainable energy sources such as wind and water can replenish themselves and would have a lesser impact on the environment. Earth Day activities and celebrations around the world would focus on helping cities switch to these sustainable energy sources and becoming “green” cities.

Kenya’s Earth Day activities include organizing a number of “green-city” events such as city cleanups and tree planting ceremonies at schools. In Uganda,special raffles, football matches, and competitions will be held to bring awareness to conservation projects in the country.

Focusing on sustainable energy this year, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society in Canada is holding the “25 Acts of Energy Conservation” campaign in conjunction with their Earth Day activities and celebrating Earth Day. The goal of this campaign is to challenge people at home and in schools to take 25 steps to save energy and water and to reduce waste. In an effort to help people help to stay on in this mission, the society will be posting daily tips. There is also a fun contest for the top 25 acts! 🙂

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Schools in United States celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and engage in Earth Day activities by planting trees and cleaning public parks to create public awareness about ways we can keep the Earth healthy. Here are a few simple and effective ways with which Sam and Sofia (the cute Little Passports characters) do their bid to keep Earth clean.

• Reduce -Keep the use of electricity and water to the minimum.
• Reuse – Reduce the use of plastic bottles to carry drinking water. Instead, use aluminum bottles so we can use it again. It is environment friendly too!
• Recycle –Make sure to dispose paper and plastic in “recyclable” baskets so they can be recycled to make new materials, using less energy!

By taking these measures to keep our environment clean and free of pollution, we are keeping our Mother Nature safe and healthy! So this year, lets do our part and celebrate Earth Day by engaging in these fun filled Earth Day activities! 

Earth Day activities with Little Passports

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Happy Earth Day everyone 🙂

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