A Much Needed ‘Pep Talk’

I have to remember that him and my son will be wearing suits and the rest of the family (majority of it) will be attending in all glitters and glamour of Indian cloths. Well, I have still time to decide on that part, I guess.
                        Catering company have been decided and I trust them to deliver the food on time. Guest list is finalized and now all I need to do is the “fun stuff” which is cleaning up the house and getting it ready for the celebration! This includes taking down the Christmas tree and the wreaths that are still flanking our doors outside (yeah, did not get around to that yet) and also the more nastier tasks of cleaning up the washrooms and mopping up the floors for good. Whenever we entertain guests at home, I always get put down with that side of prepping the house. You guessed it! The cleaning part. Kitchen is always a mess and Kevin does his share in throwing things on the floor and literally making it impossible to walk in the house without getting bumped onto his toys and the misplaced furniture which are movable with his ‘little’ hands.

We are trying to teach him these days about the need of ‘cleaning up’ his stuff after the play time and he listens to us occasionally. The times that he doesn’t comprehend what we are telling him or he choose to ignore us, the task will completely land on me and I oblige without choice. This weekend I hope to God that he listen to us and gave us a hand in maintaining the cleanliness! A little too much to ask from my busy body, right? Thought so. I wouldn’t sweat on that then.

    Anyways, it is going to be fun and we are going to be blessed with our little angel being baptized. Krista is glorious. Kevin has grown up instantly wearing his suit. Our family and relations are going to be with us on our special day to share the joy and bless us with their love and presence. I see the perfectness in all this and am almost ashamed of thinking about the mundane details of fretting over cleaning or obsessing with order.  I think the mess we see in our houses and the toys and things scattered around in its corners are what makes our houses, homes . I realize when I write this that I actually love my house better when I see Kevin rampaging through his toys and putting stuff in the wrong place and  does anything but clean up. I look at his artworks on our walls, windows and tables and instead of heaving a sigh of exasperation, I would think of the ways to preserve his art inscriptions through out our house for the years to come for our eyes to enjoy! 

I want both of them to flourish and discover themselves in their own homes and will never worry about the physical mess that they leave behind in their wake….well, hmm…that was quite insightful and refreshing- If  you are wondering as to what just happened, I think I just did a pep talk to myself to relax and unwind.
                          In that case, I think I am all done and ready to welcome the guests and begin the celebration. May be I can even have some ‘Me Time’ before the big day….See, I am ahead of the game now since I have had ‘The Talk’ to myself. Its all good !


  1. good luck with everything!! and congrats ahead of time on your daughters baptism. enjoy your day and your time with your family!
    I am your newest follower from bloggy moms hop..pls follow back if you can.
    have fun!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I am so looking forward to our daughter’s baptism and also managed to get some ‘me time’ before that just to unwind. thanks for the follow and followed you back 🙂

  3. I am still working on getting both of my sons to pick-up after themselves. They make huge messes too, which is frustrating 🙂 Good luck with all the house cleaning and prep!

    1. yeah, tell me about it. I guess I will be on my own when it comes to cleaning up the messes. And no comments on husbands, right? 🙂

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