A Personal Note

Words come with dreadful effort these days.

So I sort of steer away from my laptop to avoid confrontation with the white screen and its constant stare. I can sense them mocking me. “What? You have nothing to talk about? That’s a shame. Pull it together already and pick up your scattered words lady!”

I know, crazy right? But I hear them shouting at me constantly. Their noise is loud. It bursts with urgency. I have something they want. And they won’t stop until I give it away. Don’t they see I am helpless? I am barren like a dry desert. Strip me off of everything and yet you will find me empty. I am so vacant.

A Personal Note on Writers Block

This happens few times  a year. Writers block. There are no particular reasons for this though. No trigger. It pops up all of a sudden and leaves when I least expect.

I have blogged about it often in the past. Mostly complain, until I bore myself and everyone else who reads. Same old, same old.

My Writers Block stays as much as it wants squeezing my soul away in the process. So there is no use even attempting to draw from my creativity in hopes of turning it into words while I am under attack.

I labored for these words today so you know what’s going on. I am alive, I am around. And I will be back once “Its” reign comes to an end.

There is so much to tell. I want to make up for the lost time.

Until then, Love and light friends.



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