A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care


Good things come to those who wait.

I still remember the feverish frenzy and the high I experienced when self-publishing my first eBook! Especially when it happened after 4 years of putting it off,  second-guessing and feeling uncertain about the idea of writing a book all by myself. It didn’t stop me from jumping into it though.  I had a concept and the know-how to accomplish the task.

When you don’t know, get help from experts, right? That’s what I did too. I had help with editing and formatting. Plus Google with its vast amount of knowledge on my fingertips supplied information on how to write. And the almighty Amazon made Self-publishing a breeze!

Aside from my own procrastination and cold feet about the project countless times, I finally managed to publish an eBook on a topic I was quite familiar with- Insurance. If you don’t know yet, by trade, I am an Insurance Underwriter. So I played safe and got the book out.

Named my firstborn,  A Pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance.

Not bad.

Here’s the thing. Once you experience the high, in this case, to be known as an Author, there is no going back. You want to experience that giddiness again and again and again.  Doesn’t matter the size of the book, how it is published or the question is it even popular?- you are still an Author. You painstakingly gave birth to your Book Baby. To you, it will always be special. Flaws and all.

So it’s natural I wanted more babies. So the next one I wrote was Busy Parenting 101. A handbook resource for  Busy Parents to deal with their hectic life with kids. Much similar process except it only took a year and a half for me to publish that one. Compared to 4 years on the first! PROGRESS.

I realized I was getting better at this.  With a pat on the back, I set out with my next one. Began early 2018 and finally published just this last week. A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care. I wrote this one with Moms in mind (obviously)- their wellness, healing and the importance of self-love.


A Self-Care Book for Moms- Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care


Tired Mom's Guide to Self-Care eBook


That was a happy ending!


Intervals between books are much shorter now and I am watching the little Author in me taking baby steps in the publishing world. I am self-made. An Indie Author. So yes, there are limitations to what I can do and how I can package and market my books. My launches (well not much in terms of “Launch”) are pretty much announcing in all of the social platforms that HEY, MY NEW BOOK IS OUT. I don’t have a Publisher, beta readers, marketing team or fans(yet).

Yes, I have my blog readers who are mostly Moms and I know they are interested in what I have to say. Thank you, Mamas. Your support means the world to me!

I am pretty impressed thus far. From having no books under my belt, now I have 3. And my latest is even available in Print! Small victories. Heck yes, I will take them.

So here I am. In my own way, launching my book A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care on my blog.

If you haven’t seen my announcement on social yet, this is your PSA.

My book is available exclusively on Amazon. Easy that way as I don’t have to worry about the logistics. Writing and putting together a book itself is a humoungos task! Maintaining the sale platform, printing, and shipping?  I will leave that in the capable hands of Amazon, thank you!

I hope you stop by and read a page or two. If you like what you see, you know what to do. Buy it of course! 🙂




With love, Vinma




A Tired Mom\'s Guide to Self-Care

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