I am glad you decided to take this all one step further by stopping by. By now, you must have finished reading A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-care and is all inspired to spring into action.

You have gone too long without paying attention to your needs.

You were just too busy to ensure the comfort of others surrounding you.

Time to stop. Take a step back and pause.


Your own Personal Self-Care Set!


Self-care ideas
Click the image to download your Personal Self-care Printable Set


The first step was to read the book which you did. And I am honored and proud you decided to share your journey to Self-care with me! This is the point of no return sister. There is no turning back.

As promised, here’s your personal bundle of SELF CARE planner set ( just click on the link to download). It includes Self-care to do list, ideas list, weekly and day planners. Yeah, a bit more than what was offered in the book because why not? 🙂

This is my thanks to you AND your gift to YOURSELF for committing to Wellness and Self-love for life!

May I promise, you won’t be sorry?


Onward and Upward Mama.