A Travel Bed for your Toddler’s Safe Night’s Rest Away from Home- Review


My son Kevin’s (who is 4) schedule during the weekends is quite busy.

Some Saturdays, this toddler sleeps over at his Grand Parents’ house and some weekends, he is at the company of his nephew and niece who lives barely a kilometer away from our house.  Kevin always look forward to his sleepover appointments with great interest  and his little suitcase is always packed, ready for action.

I know, Kevin would  love  Camping as it is all about sleep overs outdoors with friends and family. My family enjoys Camping  even though I am not a ‘happy camper’ with the idea. I tried to accept the fact of sleeping outside in a tent with the mosquitoes swarming around and listening to the sound of crickets underneath the star filled sky but I never succeeded in being one with the nature this way. I did try to enjoy it the last two times we went camping but it was a disaster so I never bothered to force myself into it again. Unlike me,  my hubby and son are born for adventures like this and it would be nothing but fun for them!

Kevin is yet to get a chance to give it a shot and possibly this summer, Camping could be actually in order for my little one due to his very own  toddler travel bed I received to review from Cariboo Distribution, a Canadian based company.

Toddler Sleeps

My son was very excited about his new mattress to  the point that he insisted on sleeping on it for a couple of days when I first received it.

And I don’t blame him.

This Toddler Travel Bed is quite comfortable and snug to sleep in due to its innovative design. It is safe as well, as the PVC material of the bed does not contain any BPS, lead or Phthalates. Kevin felt so cozy when I tucked him in the travel mattress as its patented Snug fit system allowed the bed sheet to be fitted perfectly around the mattress, ensuring the warmth and snugness, much similar to his very own bed in his room.

How to Get a Toddler to Sleep on Nights Away from Home with a Travel Bed

Best of all?

The electric pump that came with this toddler mattress is a keeper! It was very easy to inflate and deflate it, in a matter of minutes. The instructions were very pretty easy to follow and I didn’t even have to call my hubby for a hand to try the mattress out! So, you can guess how easy it was to handle it 🙂

Retailing for $89,  this Toddler Travel Bed and the Electric Pump comes in a cute carry bag making it quite easy to haul  around which is perfect for Kevin’s  needs! He thinks it is a genius idea to own one of these if your weekends are quite packed as his with sleepover or slumber parties. My toddler sleeps in his travel bed quite fitfully on  his sleep over nights,  waking up  bright and fresh in the mornings, ready for yet another adventure!

Toddler Sleeps

For more information on the Travel Bed, hop on over to Cariboo Distribution where you may also come across some other awesome products as well 🙂

*****Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product free to facilitate a review. All opinion expressed here are my own and it is honest*****


  1. I’ve never heard of anything like this, but I love the idea of it. My boys are a little bit older (6 & 9), and whenever we travel, or have travelled in the past, they sleep in a bed together and it works, but I always worried about my youngest rolling out of the bed during the night. This would have eliminated that concern!

    1. Robin! Yes, it is a genius idea. I think they have beds catering to bigger kids as well. You might find something that is suitable for your 6 year old 🙂

  2. This would be perfect for when my Grandson comes over to visit. I have a large bed in the spare bedroom but I am afraid he will fall out of it. This would ease my fears.

  3. My five year old spent the night at his parents last night and they have the same exact toddler bed for him too! He loves it and grandma doesn’t have to worry about him falling of the couch.

  4. How cool.. this sure would make sleepovers much easier..love the product, looks great and I bet your little one has many wonderful sleepovers with it. Thanks for sharing

  5. Cute bed. I like the fact it has the addition of the bumpers. I am sure this will keep your little one safe and sound.

  6. I love when they’re little like that and get excited about packing a suitcase. I love this travel bed, and can think of a bazillion great uses for it!

  7. This is really great for sleepovers. My toddler has a blow up bed that she just totally loves so I can see her loving this one as well. I love this bed! Great review!

  8. oh wow I so want this for my son, He is getting that age now when he wants to have play dates and sleepovers. this would be a great idea to have for these occasions. The little bag to store it all is too cute lol

  9. That is a great travel bed! My son is older, but I have a niece now and I’m filing all these ideas away for when she gets a little older.

  10. That looks so comfortable! I always imagine camping out as sleeping on the floor – I’ve had only one amazing experience doing that in the middle of camp. It was pitch dark outside, not one light to be seen for miles and we could see the milky way.. it was amazing. But back to the comfort-ability.. that looks good enough to have at home in a bedroom!

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