8 Best Treatments for Dark Circles that are Natural!

Dark circles. Oh, the bane!

If you are in search of best treatments for dark circles, I am glad you stopped by. Because I have a list of home remedies for dark circles under eyes that work swiftly. And it’s all natural.  Not convinced? Well, read on.

Dark spots are often a dead giveaway screaming bloody hell how tired we are. Any number of things can contribute to them,  particularly under the eyes. Fatigue, stress, and restlessness are some of the common causes of dark circles. It’s like a physical evidence of what we are going through in our life- think personalized signposts. On our face. ALL.THE.TIME.

But ladies. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to remove dark circles instantly. And no, I am not talking about makeup to cover up your dark circles. You don’t need to spend the rest of your life looking like walking dead.

There are many ways to treat these dark circles and this article highlights how to do it right the natural and chemical-free way.

 8 Best Treatments for Dark Circles that are All Natural


best treatment for dark circles under eyes fast


1. Use cucumber


This is common in our kitchen and many people do not know that its benefits extend beyond making our foods great. However, you probably have seen people in movies lying in a spa with cucumber slices placed on their eyes.

Cucumber slices are very soothing and they also contain skin-lightening qualities. They are also pretty easily available and easy to use which makes them a popular natural home remedy for treating dark circles.


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2. Raw potatoes


The flesh of a raw potato also works wonders in treating dark circles on our bodies. They are capable of reducing any form of puffiness that could be present on the body. They also contain natural bleaching agents and you can rub the raw potato slice on the skin to take care of most of these dark blemishes.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar


This is another common and very useful substance. ACV uses vary greatly; from the kitchen to healing the gut and even other cleaning and sanitation work. In this case, you can use ACV to treat the dark circles on your eyes or body naturally as it contains enzymes that rejuvenate the skin and makes you feel alive. ACV which contains culture (or mother) is the most important one and most effective.


4. Castor oil


Castor oil is an important element in soothing the skin and rejuvenating dull skin. You will find most products that are said to cure wrinkles or prevent ageing containing castor oil as one of the ingredients. The oil is also very common in spas where they fuse with other herbs to ensure that they give your skin the best rejuvenating experience ever.


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5. Tomato


This is a vegetable that is available in almost every dish in the kitchen. It is very useful in adding flavor to the food. Besides that, Tomatoes contain bleaching properties which make them cross over and become useful in the treatment of dark skins. They are cheaply and easily available.


6. Rosewater


Fuse rose petals in water and apply on the affected areas. Rose water contains antioxidant properties that will help in brightening the skin and rejuvenating at the same time. You will easily get rid of dark circles this way.


7. Lemon


Lemon is popular in the beauty industry because it has a ton of uses. The anti-oxidation properties are the ones that make this fruit important in the usage of brightening dark circles and dark spots on the skin. Just apply the juice smoothly on the affected areas and observe the results after some time.



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8. Milk


Milk has some mild acid properties which are important in getting rid of wrinkles on the skin. It will help you improve the thickness and smoothness of your skin.


I was floored when I learned about the raw potato. I mean, who would have thought?! I hope you might also gain some nuggets of wisdom from this post about the best treatments for dark circles that are all natural!


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Time to claim your glow back girls. It starts with saying goodbye to dark circles. Today.




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