An Open Letter to My Daughter

And before I knew it, it was time for my youngest to start school

I know my little girl is ready for this. She is very excited about her new backpack, can’t stop talking about the new friends she would meet at school, keep reminding me that I still need to get a lunch bag for her and new shoes.

What she is mostly looking forward to is the bus ride she would be able to take with her brother, finally. You see, Krista, my daughter used to walk with him to the school bus stop every morning. She liked that part of taking a school run in the morning and keeping her brother company while waiting for the bus. What she didn’t like was how he left her at the curb and went away in the bus only to be seen again in the afternoon… She hated that she couldn’t get on the school bus with him. She longed to go to school with him like all these other kids she would see at the stop…

Well, Krista’s wishes are about to be granted. She starts school in September and this Mommy is choked up with emotions. Time does fly, doesn’t it?

My daughter has grown into this wonderful little girl she has become…She is fiercely independent which will take her to places someday. She has a beautiful spirit that is not afraid to welcome new experiences.  Her adventurous mindset reminds me of my own younger self from years ago. Yes, being with her does make me nostalgic. Its like I can reach across the years and touch and feel the ‘younger me’ anytime I want to…my vibrant, willful self which I keep forgetting I was, at one time…

So I wanted to write to her. An open letter.

Knowing she would read it someday, I want to write about all that is on my mind when I think about my little girl. My ‘ mini-me’…

A girl after my own heart…

An Open Letter to my Daughter


Dear daughter…

You are about to start a new chapter in life.

Venturing to the outside world without holding Mommy’s hand is going to be an everyday thing from now on. You are starting school baby!

Exciting times ahead. New changes, schedules. Don’t be afraid to embrace them.

Yes, it could be tough in the beginning.

You may get overwhelmed or be scared even, about the new surroundings. You will see people you have never seen before when you are away from Mommy during the day.

But its okay. They are going to be your friends.

The kids you will meet at school could be the ones who will know more about you than your Mommy has ever known, eventually. Give them a chance to make friends. And see what happens…

Your teachers will guide and protect you in Mommy’s absence. They will care for you and teach you about things that matters. Pay close attention to your teachers.  Give them your respect. 

You will learn new things in your classroom which is where you will hang out at school. It is your space and you will share it with your fellow classmates.

Yes! There is such a thing as ‘sharing’ and your school life is as much as about learning to share as it is about other important things you will gradually learn.

There are other classrooms, more students and teachers than you can count at the school to make it more fun! And I know you love a good crowd 🙂

It is a wonderful feeling to be belonged and I can’t wait for you to experience it in your new life! Yes you do belong to your family- Mommy, Daddy and your big brother. But now, it is time for you to take that first step to find your place in a bigger world…while still holding my hand. Belonging to your school community is exciting and I am sure you will love it! 

 Not to worry about anything sweetheart… I will make sure to have your brother keep an eye on you while at school. Do remember he is close enough to come by should you need him in any case.

But I know you won’t because you will be busy exploring all the new things life has sent your way. I know this for a fact because you carry the same traits as your Mom-the spirit of adventure and fun, the spirit of dare and willingness to try. 

You are not afraid and you will never be. But my sweet one, the world could get scary sometimes and I want you to exercise caution. Now, caution is not something you can learn at school but it grows in you as you get older. Nourish it so it can flourish. You will need it going forward. 

You have blossomed into a wonderful girl….you are the apple of our eye. I can’t wait to see where your life takes you.

Like they say, you cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. As you leave your home to explore new adventures, please know your Mom will always be waiting at the shore keeping a watchful eye out in the ocean for your little boat…with a love in her heart that no current can ever destroy…

I love you to the moon and back sweetheart…

Good morning! #daughtersareforever ❤

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I am writing this open letter on behalf of all those Moms whose little ones are starting school for the first time this year…I get your feeling. I understand your emotions. I am one among you. We are in this together.

And so,

Let’s hold each other’s hands and blow our kids a good bye kiss as they take baby steps to school this year.

Let’s hug each other tight hoping to smother away the pain we feel for our children at that moment in time.

Let’s fan the fire of our love for them that will give us the courage to watch them fly away in their newly found independence…for the better.

We are in this together…

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