6 Ideas for Apartment Decorating on a Budget

Being a renter has almost as many upsides as it has downsides, but being able to remodel the space to your exact specifications is not usually one of them. For many people inhabiting an apartment that is less than ideal, this lack of creative license can lead to an unnecessary apathy about improving the place.But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Apartment decorating on a budget is possible and it can make your living space look like million bucks while easy on pockets.


Ideas on Apartment Decorating on a Budget


Apartment decorating on a budget



And while it’s true that you won’t be able to knock down walls and get your deposit back, there are still plenty of changes you can make that will increase your happiness as a renter. From repainting to installing a luxury showerhead, Following are some fabulous apartment living room decorating ideas/apartment bedroom decorating ideas that are truly simple. It will remake your apartment more in your image — and every one of them is easily reversible.

1. Fancy Ceiling Fixtures

College apartment decorating is always fun! Whether your roommate just finished knitting an actual chandelier in your alma mater’s colors or you have your heart set on a new ceiling fixture for your bedroom, one easy and totally reversible way to transform your rented living space is to install new fixtures throughout. Because most landlords are aiming at the lowest common denominator, it’s a rare rental space that includes ceiling fixtures that add any character to space. Thankfully, you can change all that with some meaningful purchases, the flip of a breaker, a step ladder, and a screwdriver.

2. Paint

Many states require landlords to repaint a rental space in between renters, which means that if you time it right, you can have that paint job done more or less to your specifications. And even if you aren’t able to time it right, it’s rare to find yourself in a situation with a landlord who won’t condone a few coats of paint to help you feel more at home. While it will be time and money you’ll need to spend, This, a few coats of well-chosen color is one of the quickest way you can make your apartment seem more like the home of your dreams.

3. Curtains

Whether you make them yourself, find them at a thrift store, or buy them online, curtains are a great way to transform your space without irrevocably altering it, and they’re wonderfully functional, too. If you’re a morning person, choose curtains that are light and thin to let the sun in throughout the morning and day. If you’re a night owl who likes to keep things more subdued, select curtains made from a heavier, darker fabric.

4. Rugs

Whether your apartment’s floors are tile, laminate, carpet, or hardwood, buying an assortment of rugs to spread throughout the area is a great way to change the look and feel of your place. From high-end imported Persian rugs to sheepskin or bamboo, the range of options is as wide as people’s preferences and budgets are. Whatever you end up choosing, keep in mind that where you put a rug will largely determine what type of rug you should purchase. High-traffic areas like kitchens and other main thoroughfares benefit from rugs that are heartier and hide dirt well, while bedrooms and other less hard-used spaces can be outfitted with more delicate colors and fabrics.

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5. Knobs and Pulls

From kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities, the knobs and pulls in a rental space are almost always forgettable. You, however, can change that. Whether you purchase new knobs and pulls from a home remodeling store or furniture outlet, or you keep your eye on the older ones that pass through your local salvage and overstock spaces and vintage stores, changing out the knobs and pulls in an apartment make those details really shine. Just be sure to keep the original ones in a handy spot, so when you’re ready to move out, you can return everything to its original state.

6. Showerhead

While it won’t transform the way your apartment looks, changing an old showerhead out for a new one will do wonders for your state of mind each time you hop into the shower. Many older apartments and plenty of newer ones come equipped with showerheads that are basic in design and performance, and while they work fine, they aren’t capable of giving you the spa-like feeling that a higher-end showerhead can. Whether you simply add a hand-held showerhead to your bathtub’s fixings, or you go all out and transform your shower and tub into a multi-colored LED and rain shower experience, upping the ante in your get-clean routine will make you feel much better about your apartment and your life.

Hope you like these ideas on apartment decorating on a budget. Don’t settle for less just because you’re renting. From curtains to fixtures, there are plenty of ways to improve the space you live in without altering it completely.


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6 Ideas for Apartment Decorating on a Budget

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