Apple iPad Mini Review

Owning an Apple iPad was a dream come true for me…

When the opportunity to get my hands on the 16GB Apple iPad Mini happened, I thanked my stars!  It was an Apple iPad after all and free devices like that didn’t just fall from the sky. At least not in my experience and certainly not right into my lap. The fact that I had a major piece of name brand technology from Apple to use and enjoy was something that I’d seen others talk about but I had never thought would happen to me, not in my wildest blogging dreams.

With its impressive 7.9 inch display the Apple iPad 16GB is perfectly sized to let you do anything and everything you love to do. Using apps, browsing the web, watching videos and picture viewing all come out Chrystal clear and sharp on the brilliant display thanks to a resolution of 1024×768. You can guarantee that with such a clear display, squinting will be a thing of the past with this iPad model.

 Apple iPad Mini MF432LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray )

With my old tablet I was always experiencing freezing issues in the middle of use. I’d be browsing the web, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the thing would freeze up and I’d be left staring at the screen for several minutes while waiting for the thing to kick into gear again. The same applies for trying to use my apps. I’m sure my readers can relate with their own devices but since the Apple iPad Mini comes installed with an A5 Chip, you’ll never have to worry about freezing. Its powerful processor and fast graphics make it a beast for all of your browsing and app loading needs!

Pre-installed with awesome apps that allow you to check email, make video calls, browse the web, etc. the iPad Mini also has over 500,000 apps to look through and download onto your device. With 16GB of memory you’ll have a hard time finding enough apps to fill all that space! Whether your photo editing, diving into action games or just skyping with family from out of town, the iPad Mini is the ideal device and makes the possibilities of what it–and you–can do and comes complete with iOS 8 operating system!

Apple iPad Mini Review

I am so in love with my device that I carry it everywhere I go. My iPad Mini makes my life easier in more ways than one- be it blogging, keeping track of my appointments or simply poking around in Evernote, I am a happy camper. Oh, and did I mention, my kids are equally in love with the iPad as their Mother? Yes, that’s right! There are tons of games my kids enjoy playing on the device and when I need some “me-time”, iPad comes to my rescue and whisk the kids away to the game world! Awesome!

Finding a device that has the ability to tune into your life is a miracle..My iPad Mini is that miracle! 

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