Back to School DIY Craft- Washi Tape School Supply Holder

Are you ready for Back to School?

Keep your back to school supplies, office supplies, or even kitchen supplies organized when you create this easy washi tape supply holder.

Back to School  DIY Craft- Washi Tape School Supply Holder

This washi tape supply holder can be made using objects from right around your own house. It will help keep your supplies all in one place, plus it does it in a way that is fun and decorative. Take a look at how you can get busy crafting your own. It is sure to come in handy!

Here are the supplies you will need for your Back to School DIY Craft

Back to School  DIY Craft- Washi Tape School Supply Holder

1. Small metal container with plastic lid. We used a baby formula container. Something similar is ideal!

2. Assorted washi tape


You can find decorative washi tape at your local dollar store, craft store, and retail store. It comes in so many colors and designs, so choose some that work for you and your tastes. Feel free to try an assortment that compliments each other!


1. Begin by washing and drying your container well.

2. Start wrapping the container with washi tape. Start at the bottom creating a strip, and then work your way towards the top. You can alternate colors and designs as you do, or begin by covering the entire container in one pattern as we did.

3. Add your accent washi tape. We wrapped an accent around our container just to add some interest and color. You can never have too much color!

4. Place the lid back on your container. Take scissors and pierce the lid, making slits for supplies to go into.

5. Place your supplies directly in the slits. The slits will hold them in place and keep them from knocking into each other. If you want, you can glue the lid on, but that is not necessary. You can always store small items in the container if you wish.

Now just set your back to school supply container (aka your very own DIY craft) out where you can easily access the school supplies. A counter top, desk, or even locker is the perfect place for it.  It is sure to help you stayed organized for less for Back to School season!

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