Create Scrap book Worthy Memories this Summer…


Summer is winding down fast. It means Halloween, Thanksgiving and Holiday season will be here before you know it.

I have started a bit of back to school shopping and getting the house Fall ready.

Wow, it’s incredible to think, time is literally flying by! I see my kids have grown few inches tall over night. How is that even possible??

In a few years time, they are off to University and to work. Soon,  I will be looking at an empty nest.

Err…ok, not so fast Mama, not so fast.

Enjoy the years ahead, don’t look at them with dread and anxiety.

Seize the moment and make memories with your kids.

Laugh, have fun and take long walks with the little ones. Say yes to parks and play dates often. Your phone and the important messages in it can wait.

Read them their favorite stories and do fun sing alongs. Indulge in pure innocence and pretend plays while you can.

Let them stay awake with you extra time before bed. Schedules are meant to be changed.

Enjoy being silly with them.  Becoming a kid and looking at the world through a child’s eyes brings fresh perspectives to a lot of things.

Things grown ups struggle to understand.

Gaze deeply into their faces and commit them to your memory, not to be forgotten. Ever.

Seasons will change. Years will fly. Back to schools will be a thing of the past.

But what doesn’t change is your love for them. What doesn’t change is who they are to you.

Between these two tangents, changes happen. Time rules. It is the Law of the universe, something unchangeable.

So for now, finish off with your back to school shopping. Use vacation from work and go away with your kids. Let loose, enjoy and make scrapbooking worthy memories for tomorrow. Take pictures. A ton of them.

Because you know, those very memories and pictures will be your best friends in future.

They will define you. They will nurture you and fill your heart with love and light for all the years to come.

They will draw strength to your soul.

To live on in your tomorrows.


Enjoy the rest of summer friends…


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