Back to School Ready with Staples

We are now in the last week of Summer vacation. One more week of fun, relaxation and school-less days.

This week is packed with tons of fun activities for my family. In addition to some last minute hasty back to school shopping, also in the agenda was a visit to Lego Land ( done and done yesterday) and Kevin’s much awaited trip to Niagara Falls where we will stay overnight at a Hotel of his choosing.

It is the miniature Lego city my friends. It just looks like our down town Toronto :)
This is the miniature Lego city my friends. It just looks like our down town Toronto πŸ™‚


With the Fun Pass, we plan to explore haunted castles, Mini Putt or Mystic Maze of Mirrors at the Entertainment District. Both my kids are very excited about the impending trip.

As it happens, I am also test driving the new Mazda6 GT 2016 this week and all four of us are so in love with this sweet ride. Kevin does not want to get out of the car and always looking for excuses to go for a drive somewhere. I will write all about our experiences in regards to this in another post. So, stay tuned!

Back to School Shopping fun with Staples

Now, back to out topic at hand- Although, I have started talking to my son about going back to school , I don’t think he has turned off his “vacation mode” yet. How can he, anyway? There is too much going on around him, so much to do and places to go, my child is too busy to realize school starts next week. 

When Staples sent him a back to School package including all the essentials for his  first day of school along with a cool looking desk chair, Kevin was over the moon!

Staples High Back Bonded leather Chair (1)The chair was a looker, I admit. I wanted to snag it for my own office space but not happening. I doubt Kevin will be willing to make any kind of trade on this one…And I don’t blame him either. Staples High Back Bonded Leather Chair has fixed, padded arm rests. The seat tilts and lock control features are great along with the Seat Height Adjustment Control System. Especially helpful for Kevin to make adjustments to the seat based on his tiny frame πŸ™‚ Best of all, Kevin’s new chair has 5 years limited manufacturer’s warranty!

I actually have to thank Staples for sending such a thoughtful gift, because the next thing I knew, Kevin was busily clearing up his homework area to make way for his new chair. And I have been telling him to clean up his space since last month! Like they say, “That was Easy”! πŸ˜‰ 

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Back to School with Staples
As I watched him seated on his new chair busily arranging his books and papers on desk like he meant business, I couldn’t help but think about my son in few more years from now. I could easily see him making milestones after milestones in his life. My son can be anything he wants, can do anything he pleases and he will stand tall among the crowd. He will grow and flourish into a beautiful human being, one step at a time…

I wonder what kind of milestones he will create this year while seated on this chair? A lot can happen in one year, you see? It could be a brilliant idea, a beautiful drawing that he may create which will decorate our fridge. May be he will ace a test in class and come home proudly with his A+ could be anything. It is exciting to dream about my son’s future . One year from now or two or more… I will be there to hold his hands every step of the way. 

His brand new chair is certainly a good place to start. I say “good place” because he looks all grown up already in its company, ready to go back to school! Grade 1, here I come…Thanks Staples Canada. You made it so easy like you always say πŸ™‚

***Disclosure: I was provided with free products from Staples Canada to facilitate a honest review*** 


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