3 Beautiful Ways to Practice Self-care for your Soul

Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is important, but what about your spiritual self-care habits? It focuses on making certain that your entire being as a whole is centered in one way to reduce stress and anxiety in life. Practicing simple self-care habits to alleviate you spiritually should not be something that is taken lightly if you are interested in healing from within.

It’s no secret that the beautiful combination of the mind, body, and soul is imperative, but are you aware of how to make them all work together? More importantly, make them work together in a way that benefits you? You take the time to educate yourself by reading books or eating healthy foods to fuel your body, so why not have the time to give yourself spiritual guidance as well? I have been lost for a long time in this area, and it showed in my involvement with life on all levels. I was seriously lacking. My soul starved for guidance, comfort and the knowledge that had the ability to fulfill me in ways unimaginable.


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The most important thing was I KNEW I needed help. Practicing physical self-care was just barely scratching the surface. I was still a long way away from experiencing bliss even though I did everything right in making myself a priority yet again. I did what everybody else did. I took long walks, went out with friends, started hobbies and made sure to have ‘me-time’. I felt good, yes. But it was nothing compared to what waited for me once I opened up my soul to receive abundance.


All you need to be is in the receiving mode.


It might sound strange to you if you are completely new to practicing spiritual self-care.


What is receiving mode?

It is that state of mind where you are unequivocally ready to accept and absorb all blessings Universe sends your way. You surrender. You submit. Once in this stage, the all-knowing Universe will conspire with the cosmic powers to bring you prosperity, happiness, the new car you’ve been eyeing, the dream job you’ve been waiting for, $1000 for just because and everything else you wish!


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Too good to be true? Well, too good? Yes. And true? Yes yes!

Clarity will come to you with time.  Be consistent and cleanse, meditate and be in tune with nature. And show GRATITUDE. This is key.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Baby steps.

So let’s start at the beginning.

The simple self-care habits shared below can do wonders for creating spiritual self-care for yourself or for the other women in your life that you love and adore. These truly enlightening ways to practice self-care for your soul will come handy if you are planning to take the next step to the spiritual realm.

3 Beautiful Ways to Practice Self-care for your Soul


3 beautiful ways to practice self care for the soul

Focus on your Higher Self


This isn’t hard to do, but it takes some time to get used to the idea. What makes you happy? When you wake up in the morning, what do you think about to get your first smile of the day? If you’re lucky to know that without thinking, you’re well on your way to finding internal peace.



The sooner that you can really zone in on what your inner heart desires, the more quickly you’ll be able to start filtering out the things that are standing in your way.


Allow yourself to Forgive


While it may be tempting to stay mad at someone, don’t. All you’re doing is doing more spiritual self-harm to yourself. Holding on to anger or frustration will actually swell up inside of you and in the end, you’ll be the one losing sleep, happiness and peaceful thoughts. It’s hard to forgive, but it’s even harder to continuously have to repair the damage that you’ve done to yourself because you can’t let go of the past.


Believe in your Power to Accept Yourself


How many times do you judge yourself on any given day? And more than likely, you don’t even realize you’re doing it. When you walk past a mirror, brush your hair, smile and stare at your teeth…even if you aren’t saying the words out loud, you’re passing a silent judgment onto yourself that is slowly picking away at your spiritual being. Cliche as it may sound, will yourself to love yourself. Wake up in the morning and be thankful for yourself. As you go about your day, be amazed at yourself and when you close your eyes at night, be thankful for everything you accomplished throughout those hours. You’ll find that your spiritual self-care will improve dramatically if you improve your own thought process about yourself.



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These simple spiritual self-habits aren’t hard to do but are so very important to be certain that you are actually doing them. If your goal in life is to be spiritually centered, start with you and how you can make it happen. Your mind, heart and soul connected can be a truly unstoppable force. You just have to make certain that you’re giving it a solid ground to thrive on!


Onward and Upward mama





With love, Vinma




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3 Beautiful Ways to Practice Self-care for your Soul


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