Because I am their Mom…

Kids are growing.

Krista is starting school this September and Kevin will be in Grade 2. Time is indeed not stopping for anyone and in a blink of an eye, I have two school going kids in my hands.

My treasure ❤ #siblinglove

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Yes, I do want them to grow and flourish but at the same time, I want them to stay as my babies forever. I get choked up thinking that in a few years, they will be big enough to take care of themselves and will need me less in their life than they do now.

 I will no longer be the center of their world.

They won’t come running to me for every little thing they need. 

I will not be tucking them to bed at sundowns anymore.

It won’t be my job to wake them too in the mornings and fuss about breakfast.

They will help themselves in the kitchen while being busy on their gadgets.

They may or may not look up and see me sitting at the other end of the  table nursing my coffee.

If I am lucky enough to catch their glance, I will make sure to lit up the room and their hearts with a bright smile.

I hope they would carry it with them as they leave me for the day. 

As I wait…

I stare at my phone to ring even though knowing it would never come from the other end.

I carve cute shapes of sandwiches for lunch just like old times wondering if they would stop by for a quick bite. 

I check and recheck my pantry restlessly.

Yes, it is well stocked with their favorite afternoon snacks.  

I am prepared if just in case my kids decide to show up to have a cup of coffee with Mom…

I putter around and put together dinner for my kids, right on time. 

Table is set, Fridge is stocked, kitchen is clean. 

Satisfied, I look out the window and set my eyes as far as I could.

I want to catch a glimpse of them as soon as  they step into my line of sight.

I miss them so much and I know it is only 8 hours since they said bye in the morning…

But hey, I am a Mom and I am allowed to miss them this way.

Because they are the pieces of my own heart roaming around freely outside my body. 

And I want them close to me as possible always, all the time.

I want to treasure them, I want to cherish them as I hold them in my arms forever.

Because I am their Mom…

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Disclosure: Above is an imagery of my life ( fast forward a few years if you will) that occasionally pop into my mind when thinking about my kids and what the future holds. It is by no means a poem, but a few words that are cluttered together in no particular order struggling to convey some deeper meanings. It might even sound depressing but I am going ahead and sharing anyways. Yes, I want my kids to grow and be independent and all. But at the same time I want them to stick close and remain as their little selves I fell in love with the very first time. I know it is just a silly whim and I will never want that to happen. My kids are taught to be strong and independent and so they will become. This post was just a stream of unbridled thoughts that came from a Mom whose insecurity gets the better of her common sense once in a while… 

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