5 Books for Moms to Help Overcome their Fears

Being a parent is no easy feat, yet many mothers are afraid to reveal their struggles. After all, it’s a big role and there is a lot of pressure placed to be the perfect mom and role model.


5 Books for Moms to Help Overcome their Fears

5 Books for Moms to Help Overcome their Fears


While it’s important to find support from family and friends, there are also other resources available. For instance, many books for moms provide valuable information to overcome their fears. If you are looking for good books for moms to read, below is a list of  5 books for moms to help overcome their fears.

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Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt

Brave Mom is a great book for anyone experiencing anxiety about being a mom. Surratt, a CEO of MOPS International, shares her story about her fears being a mom. Whether it’s concerns for her child’s health, worries about losing her identity, or fear of being a bad mom, Surratt speaks candidly about her challenges. This book lets other moms know that they are not alone in their fears, making them feel more comfortable discussing these issues.

Brave Mom discusses the top ten fears that are common among moms. Surratt also shares stories submitted by other mothers with valuable stories and insights that people can relate to. Any mom who needs to know that they are not alone should read this book.


Amazing You by Gail Saltz

Amazing You is a great book for moms with a curious child.

We all know that answering children’s questions about their bodies and the functions can be nerve-racking and difficult to answer. It should be done in an informative and engaging way, without revealing too much detail for a young audience. Amazing You will help you answer all of these questions through a storybook format. Books like these will ease the anxiety that many people feel when it comes to explaining the differences between bodies to young children.

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments For Moms to Meet with Jesus written by Karen Ehman

We all lead stressful and busy lives. If you find that you’re letting things slip through the cracks, whether it’s chores or relationships, take a minute to “press pause.” This is what Ehman’s book is for.

It’s meant to help moms take a couple of moments out of the day for themselves to find some peace and quiet. Reading Pressing Pause is a great way to either end or to start your day; it gives you some perspective with meaningful proverbs and words of wisdom—so you can have a positive energy that your children and loved ones deserve. All it takes is a few minutes out of each day.

Ehman, a Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and best-selling author, wrote this book to enrich the lives of the readers. This is one of the best self-help books for moms out there! Any busy mother could benefit from this read.


Fear No Evil by Brady Boyd

This book is set in the aftermath of the tragic New Life Church campus shooting in Colorado Springs. It follows pastor Brady Boyd and the questions he received from the community.

It’s a story about how a devastated congregation and group of people reacted and had to heal from the horrific event. It’s a story about faith, growth, and the triumphs and tragedies of people whose lives will never be the way that they once were. Anyone who needs a story about strength and survival should read this book. It’s difficult and emotionally heavy, but also very inspiring.


Facing Every Mom’s Fears  by Allie Pleiter

In this book, Pleiter discusses the fears that all moms experience. Pleiter encourages moms to come to terms with their fears.

Best books for moms to read 2018-Facing Every Mom's Fears: A Survival Guide to Balancing Fear with Courage

It’s an easy read that can be found at a number of bookstores near you or online.

All of these books are great Mothers Day gift ideas too! Just saying 🙂


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Books as Therapy

Any mom or mom to be, who is feeling nervous about the responsibilities that come with the role should read any one of these books to ease their anxiety. These books for moms are a great way to help them find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their experience. Discount and online bookstores are the best places to go to find these books.


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