Best Christmas Gifts Ever!


Kevin’s daycare is closed for Christmas and will reopen on second week of January. I was told by my son that Santa Claus visited him on the last day of his play school and he had lots of fun! “What did you ask from Santa this time?” I asked him. “I said I want toys”. My three year old replied and gave me “isn’t that obvious?” stare. He returned home happily that day with a “built it yourself truck” and a nice fluffy scarf from his teacher, lovely Mrs.Dean. Kevin these days is so much excited with the impending arrival of Santa carrying loads of toys for him and stashing it under the tree welcoming him on Christmas morning. In his arts and crafts time at school, he made his own stocking stuffer, a Santa mask and various other christmassy stuff and proudly showed it off to every body at home, including his grand parents. Watching him around the home indulged in playing, breaking and making toys or taking care of Krista (in his own small ways) is a pleasure to watch always! For the umpteenth time I wonder in amazement for the little life I have given birth to and bask in the blessing of it. And yes, same goes with Krista too. I cannot stop being proud of myself for bringing into this world a beautiful baby like her! Her smile is the most celestial sight I have seen on earth and her little giggles are music to my ears.

 Yet, there are times when they both can drive me nuts .There are moments when I lose control and end up giving time out to Kevin and leave Krista to wail to herself in her crib. Each day in our life is not perfect as you can appreciate. They cry, they lash out, they whimper, they get mad when I don’t budge on something. But K&K always come around, and so do their Mommy. And that is exactly the fun of it. The excitement is about discovering my kids every day and them discovering me. Its like unfolding the petals of an exotic flower. You never know what color or what texture awaits you in the fold next door. Since they were born, I have never stopped thanking God for giving them to me. And when Christmases come around, in a funny way, secretly I tend to challenge my personal Santa to give me a gift more precious and valuable than I already have- my babies! I know he will never be able to. Okay , now I know you think that I am crazy. And I don’t blame you. But  is it too crazy for me to say that both of my kids are the best ever Christmas gifts to myself for infinite Christmases to come that Santa can ever give? No, not at all. 


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