Famous Salmon Rub- Best Dry Rub for Fish!

I must have probably said this a million times before but let me just say it again,  I like to experiment with recipes.

I have had few disasters along the way, but I have had great successes  as well. Its not that I don’t like to follow recipes, but  when I look at a recipe, there are always ingredients I would rather not use, or ingredients that I can think of that will suit a lot better than the current one it calls for.

Fish is one of the favorite meals in our house. So, I take great pleasure whipping up fish recipes whenever it is on the menu. I create recipes from scratch AND also google for them  until I find the right recipe which I  know for sure my family would love.

If you are in the look out for best dry rub for fish, keep reading.

I was very excited to test out the Salmon rub my friend Anita from west coast sent to me for review. Fish is always a hit in our house and I was happy to try this exotic sounding marinade on my fish. After all, it says ” Tastes as Good As it Looks” on the package, right?

 Famous British Columbia Salmon Rub – Pack of 3

Besides, I couldn’t wait to find out what ingredient I might add to make this dry rub more yummy.

Well, surprise! I decided not to change a thing because all the ingredients sounded just perfect! And let me tell you, that was a first! For starters, it contained brown sugar and chili flakes- a killing combination for grilling  meat and fish. The mix also contained a variety of original spices which I found intriguing. I wanted to see how much tastier it could really get!

Anyway, long story short- I did not use Salmon as I had tons of basa fillets in the freezer.

Famous Salmon Rub- Best Dry Rub for Fish

After thawing them out, I coated my fillets with the rub and let it sit for about 4 hours (don’t really need to sit that long though) before gently pan frying it. That’s it! You can also barbecue them or cook them in the oven- your choice.

Detailed instructions are on the package, hard to miss. And as you can see, this rub will work pretty much on any kind of fish, preferably steak type.

Famous Salmon Rub- Best Dry Rub for Fish

As expected everyone loved the dry rub from the west coast for dinner last week. Curious to try it out? Why not pop by Amazon and order one?

Include this Famous British Columbia Salmon Rub on your barbecue menu this summer 🙂  Best  dry rub for fish ever!

****Disclosure: I was provided with a sample product to facilitate an unbiased review. My opinions expressed in this post are honest****

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