My Top 3 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Boys!

One of the fun things I get to do as a parent is to organize my  kids’ birthday parties. And yay! I have the privilege  to do this every year! 🙂

I just love to watch their happy faces on the big day, reveling in the birthday theme I picked for them. I mean, they won’t be kids forever right? When I know they enjoy what I put together for them as much as I enjoy organizing it, it is a win-win!

I have been thinking a lot about my son’s upcoming birthday lately. And there are a few party theme ideas floating around in my head. I want to share my Top 3 Birthday Party Theme ideas with you guys because I want you in on my planning too! Fair deal? And I don’t mind you letting me in on some party planning tips if you care to share. Let’s help each other out, shall we? 😉

My Top 3 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Boys!

Anyhow, following are the birthday party theme ideas I am considering for my son’s birthday this year. And FYI, my son will be 7:

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for a 7 Year Old Boy

1. Pirates

2. Starwars

3. Minecraft

I am taking a closer look at each of the themes in the rest of this post.  Its exciting to think about all the possibilities Pirates, Starwars or Minecraft could do to make my son’s birthday party awesome this year!

Pirates Birthday Party Ideas

Pirates are a fun birthday party theme for boys. Its always tons of fun with their pillaging and treasure chests full of gold and jewels.  I think,  this party will be easy to assemble and it will be a blast for everyone involved in planning the details.

Here are some specific ideas I have for Pirate birthday party theme:

Pirate Eye Patches

You can’t have a pirate party without giving your guests an eye patch so they feel the part.  Simple eye patches can be handed out when people arrive as you tell them what to expect and to be careful not to walk the plank and fall in with the “sharks”.

Treasure Chests Full Of Gold & Jewels

  Whether you use a treasure chest pinata for the kids to beat open to retrieve their goodies, or you use an old trunk in the corner of the room a treasure chest is a must.  Cold coin candy, chocolate gemstones, cheap strands of beads or even the classic Ring Pop candy can all be thrown into the trunk to be used as treats, prizes or to fill their Pirate Booty bag full as a favor to take home.

Water and pirate ship themed decorations

Use solid blue paper to cover your floors and make it look like you are walking on water.  You can use brown paper strips to create “planks” or the deck of a ship.  This is a fun and unique way to make your house look and feel like a pirate ship.  Add in the pirate flag hanging from the wall, a few treasure maps rolled up and put into your umbrella stand, or the classic red and white stripe theme to bring your party together.  With the classic simple blue, red, white, black and brown colors – it can be easy to pull together basic decorations and accent with special pirate themed napkins, plates or cups.

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Add fun pirate ship centerpieces

Even if you simply use the classic colors mentioned above, you can grab a few simple pirate ships and add to the center of your table as a centrepiece.  You can also use a pirate treasure chest full of treats as a centrepiece to make it feel more pirate themed.

Don’t forget the balloons

 Balloons make everything better!  Add in some fun colors, or the black balloons with skulls all over them to add a bit of oomph to your party décor.  A few nicely placed balloons can bring the whole party together, and give you a simple and easy favor to send home with the kids afterward.

Creating a fun pirate theme birthday party will be as easy as pie with these ideas, don’t you think?  Not only will I have everyone  talking in Pirate slang, it will be great to see how easy everything goes.  From the simple, yet fun party decorations – to the yummy food you can serve a pirate party is a parent’s dream come true.  I am almost ready to grab an eye patch, an old treasure map and start making my party supply list today!

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May the force be with me when I use these great Star Wars theme birthday party ideas below to make my son’s birthday party the best one ever!

Whether you have young Jedi’s in training, or a few storm troopers who want to prove that they can hit the mark sometimes, a Star Wars themed party is perfect for everyone in your family.  These fun and unique birthday party ideas for boys will make your next event full of the force.

Star Wars Theme Birthday Party Decorations

There are so many directions to go when decorating for your Star Wars themed birthday party, but I love some of the following ideas for creating a unique event that everyone will recognize.

1. Use black paper on walls and glow in the dark star stickers to create an outer space theme

2. Create a cardboard or paper Death Star as a focal point on one wall.

3. Decorate in muted browns, tans and oranges to appear like the desert planet Tatooine with 3 large moons on a wall like you would see on the wall.

4. Use black, blue and gold colored streamers to match the classic movie theatre poster themes

Star Wars Theme Birthday Party Games

 Everyone loves fun games at a birthday party, and the Star Wars theme offers so many fun things you can do!  Use your imagination to create super fun games and crafts for your guests to enjoy.

1. Build your own light saber using cardboard tubes and pool noodles for fun light saber fights amongst guests.  Use construction paper attached to paper towel rolls to create the look of a light saber handle.  Add a length of pool noodle or even a long balloon to the tube to create a customized light saber.

2. Build your own R2D2.  Use cardboard cutouts to build your own fun robot R2D2.  You can even make this into a “pin the part on R2D2” game where you let guests play the old fashioned pin game using pieces like legs, buttons or other robot parts.

3. Name that character game.  Print out pictures of popular Star Wars characters and hang them on a wall.  Go around the room seeing who can name the most characters correctly.  Make sure to mix in lesser known characters for fun.

Star Wars Theme Birthday Party Treats and Snacks

  Star Wars gives you a ton of great ways to serve fun foods at a party with a great excuse.  Basic foods can easily be turned into a fun themed item with a bit of name changing and imagination.

1. Serve Jedi Juice in bright colors like green and blue.  Invest in some fun Star Wars silicone molds to add a bit of fun to your punch by making varied color juice cubes to float in the blue or green punch.

2. Make Obi-Wan-Kabobs.  This idea is popular on Pinterest and tons of fun.  Kabobs can be made with fruit, veggies or even savory things like meats and cheeses.  Label the platter with the fun name and enjoy the giggles of your guests.

3. Serve dipped pretzels as light saber treats.  Use candy melts dyed to green, blue or red and dip pretzels into them creating fun snacks that look like light sabers.

Turn your next Star Wars birthday party into a fun filled event that everyone will rave about with these easy and frugal tips.  From decorations to party foods, there are tons of ways to add fun to your Star Wars theme birthday party!


Minecraft is definitely one of the top birthday party theme ideas for boys these days, and who can blame them?  It’s a great fun game that teaches your kids to think.  These Easy Minecraft Birthday Party Games are perfect for you to sset upan epic adventure for your kids to enjoy.  Not only will they have fun with the Minecraft theme, they will have fun learning together in the process!

Some easy Minecraft Party games I may try out this year…

Invite Kids To A Minecraft Creation Adventure

  There are some great minecraft birthday party invitations out there that are perfect for getting kids excited about a Minecraft birthday party.  Make sure to set the tone for this party and the fun games ahead with the right invitation.

Minecraft Bingo

A few simple images arranged in varying patterns and markers or stickers to mark them off with create a fun filled Minecraft birthday party game the kids will love.  Using all the characters found in Minecraft gives you enough combinations to make this a fun introduction game for the kids to play.

Build Your Own Life Sized Creeper

This is a super fun project for the kids that will take a bit of patience and time, but be so much fun.  Grab 20-25 green gift bags (can use varied colors), and 5-10 black gift bags.  The simple lunch box sized ones are perfect.  Before the party gather up newspaper and paper to wad up and put inside these bags.  Have kids stuff bags and seal with tape.  Then let them stack the stuffed bags together to build their own creeper!  Alternate light and dark green bags to make it look like a Creeper would in the game, then accent with the black bags as needed for eyes and mouth.  Tons of fun getting all of the kids working together on this easy Minecraft birthday party game!

Minecraft Magnet Wall

 There are great Minecraft magnets out there you can purchase to give your kids a fun easy set to design.  If you don’t want to buy them ready made, let kids help you use sheets of magnets, printed pages and some glue to create their own Minecraft magnets.

Set up a place where magnets will easily stick (side ofthe refrigerator, a dry erase board or other large board magnets stick to). Let kids act out their own Minecraft games using the magnets.

Search For Jewels

Gather up jewel shaped candies or treats (we love the Gushers fruit snacks for this) and “bury” them in mini buckets filed with “dirt”, and place at each place setting for snack time.  Alternate crushed graham crackers and crushed chocolate cookies for the best real dirt like appearance.  This is a great fun way to give out treats.  Don’t want that crushed cookie to go to waste?  Serve up an ice cream bar and let kids put their leftover cookie crumbles on top of their ice cream with their favorite sprinkles and syrups.

No matter what your kids prefer, these easy and fun Minecarft birthday party games are sure to be a hit.  From the fun Creeper assembly, to the great ideas for desserts that are unique and tasty at the same time, every kid in attendance will love your Minecraft themed party.

Sooo..I don’t know guys. What do you think? So many fun birthday party theme ideas, so much to choose from! I am so confused right now that I want to pack all 3 themes into one and throw an awesome birthday blast for my little guy! I mean, a Mom can dream, right? Anyhow, I will be doing some more homework on picking the right birthday theme that my son will swoon over this year.

Meantime, anything hot going on in the party planning world that you are aware of, please share. If your little ones are raving about their current party theme favorites, please clue us in.  Inquiring parenting minds want to know 🙂



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