Bright Stanley Enrichment Activities for Kids


If you are looking for some cool reading games for your kids to make reading activities for them more fun, Bright Stanley enrichment activities would be a great fit!  Give the story Bright Stanley a chance by Matt Buckingham. In this book, Stanley the fish gets lost from his school so he goes on an adventure in the ocean in search of his friends. He has some scary moments along the way, but in the end, he is reunited once again. This story is not only entertaining, it is also a chance to engage in some educational and enriching activities with your kids. Take a look below at a few activities you can try to further enjoy and understand the book Bright Stanley.

Bright Stanley Enrichment Activities for Kids

Bright Stanley Enrichment Activities- Cool reading games for your kids to make reading activities for them more fun

1. Shiny Scavenger Hunt

Stanley looked for shiny things in the ocean in hope that it would be where he’d find his friends. Go on a shiny object scavenger hunt in your own home where you look for objects with some glitz. Make a list of all of the shiny objects you find such as coins, mirrors, metal railings, etc.

2. Partner Share

Pair up with your child or have them pair up with a friend and read the text again. Have them each share a time that they felt scared, frightened, or lost like Stanley. Speaking with a partner about this moment will be a lot less intimidating than with a crowd. Allow them time to reflect on this scary moment and how it made them feel.

3. Is Under the Sea for Me?

Give each child a piece of paper and some crayons. Have them pretend for a moment that they are Stanley under the ocean. Ask them to draw a picture of what they see from his perspective. Are there fish and lots of colors? Or is it dark with sharks? Is their coral? Schools of fish? Have them draw in detail what the view looks like. Allow time to share when done.

4. Vocabulary Flip Book

On index cards write down some of the trickier words in the book. Take the time to define these words together. Draw a small illustration next to the word as well for easy reference. Then, use a clip or staple to gather the book together. This flip book will be great to consult later. Such words you may wish to use can be: jellyfish, reflection, pearl, snarled, and lobster.

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5. What comes next?

Stanley’s friends were so happy to see him, but then what? Try to think about what they may have said to Stanley next or what Stanley may have said to them. Write a brief dialogue together of what the conversation and next couple pages of the book may have looked like.

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6. Counting Goldfish

Pour out a bag of goldfish crackers (Just like Stanley is!) and use them as counters for math. Practice basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction using the fish as an aid. When done, they also make a great snack of course.

7. Let’s Get Shiny

Grab a roll of tinfoil and allow the children to cut out small circles and make their own scales. They can either then dress up themselves or a stuffed animal with the shimmering scales. You can even hold a contest, and see who can make the coolest fish out of the tinfoil material.

See how this cool reading game makes it easy to dive further into the book in a way that is fun and educational? Give Bright Stanley Enrichment activities for kids a try and see what lessons you can learn!



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  1. Oh how I miss my daughter being young enough to love books like this! She is now into chapter books and reading by herself. This will be great to implement for a preschool room. I am going to have to look this book up!

  2. I LOOOOOOVE all of these ideas! That books looks so cute! My kids are so into reading but I rarely take the time to do extra activities. I think this would really enrich the whole experience and turn into a really immersive learning experience. Thanks!

  3. My Grandson Loves, loves to have books read to him. I think if you are going to read a book, it might as well be a really cute educational book like Bright Stanley.

  4. My girls were huge fans of Rainbow Fish when they were little. This book reminds me a lot of that one. I love the colorful illustrations! And the activities are something that sound like a lot of fun to do with children!

  5. I love all these cute ideas to get more active with a book. I usually love reading fun books with my kids, but not super creative on how to enjoy a book beyond the basic reading of the pages. These are brilliant ideas.

  6. What great ideas to get children to learn while totally enjoying themselves. It will also teach them to express themselves even when the subject might be one that frightens or hurts them.

  7. My daughter loves “reading” books! I will ckeck out your activities and try some of them with my daughter. Thanks for great ideas!

  8. I Love how you can do more than just Read this book with your children, but you can also add on other activities. I will have to check this book out for my son

  9. oh my gosh! I love how the book lets you reflect on your feelings. This is so important. It teaches our children to know that its ok to feel how they feel and that we have time to talk about how they feel!

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  11. Thanks for sharing with #What to Read Wednesday. Always fun to have activities to add educational opportunities while reading a great book.

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