Bunny Cupcakes- Adorable Easter Cupcake Idea


Time for Easter treats everyone!


This is certainly a fun time to come up with all kinds of cute ideas to throw a fabulous Easter party!


Now, if you are in search of Easter cupcake ideas, I have an easy one that is perfect to make with your little ones. As you see in pictures, they are eye-catching and will add a festive pop to your Easter spread. Please note, cupcakes are made out of the box and what we are focusing on here is the decorative aspect of it. Feel free to use your own cupcake recipe or this one from the blog . And incorporate the frosting and decoration ideas seen below.


Now the pleasantries are out of the way, have a look at these adorable bunny cupcakes below. Time to learn how to make your own batch today! 🙂


 Bunny Cupcakes- Adorable Easter Cupcake Idea


Easter cupcake ideas


Items Needed


  • A boxed cake mix or your favorite cupcake recipe
  • White Frosting
  • Star icing Tip – you can also use a grass tip and it works great
  • Marshmallows
  • Pink Sparking Sugar
  • Mini Jelly Beans


Easter cupcake Ideas




Bake up your cupcakes and allow time for them to cool. While your cupcakes are cooling cut your marshmallows diagonally to create ears. 


Easter cupcake Ideas


Dip the ears in pink sparkling sugar.


Easter cupcake Ideas


Frost your cupcakes.


Easter Cupcake Ideas


I used a star for my icing however you can also use a grass tip or skip it all together and frost them with a knife and roll them in coconut flakes to mimic the bunny fur.  Once your cupcake is frosted attach your bunny ears on top and add a mini jellybean for the nose.


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Easter Cupcake Ideas


Look at these cute bunny cupcakes! Adorable isn’t it?


easter cupcake ideas


And yummy too. So what are you waiting for? One of the easiest Easter cupcake ideas, this is a must-try!


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Hope you have a peaceful and happy Easter 🙂


xoxo Mama.


Bunny Cupcakes- Adorable Easter Cupcake Idea

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