Summer Special Camping Birthday Party Ideas

So glad we are saying goodbye to the cold weather, for now.

That means camping season is here!

Who doesn’t love a fun filled camping trip?  Now, what if it is a camping birthday party?? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

So, I gathered up some camping birthday party ideas for you to create an event everyone will remember for years to come.  Whether it is for your son, daughter or yourself – these party ideas are versatile for everyone.  Camping is a great way to learn things about nature, and some great survival skills.

Camping Birthday Party Ideas

Camping Birthday Party Ideas


Set up tents as food, craft, game stations

 Gather up a few small tents and set your party up in the backyard using each tent as a different station for the kids to gather. One can be used for crafts or games. One can be used for meals.  Another can be used for telling ghost stories and similar that you would traditionally do on a camping trip.

Build a bonfire or campfire

  No camping trip is complete unless you have a big bonfire out back to enjoy.  Not only is a campfire a classic camping essential, it is a great fun way for you to make things like roasted hot dogs for the kids to have, and of course the traditional S’Mores snacks.  If your party goes into the evening hours, it’s also a great place to tell ghost stories and share camping tales.

Serve campsite foods

As mentioned above, a camping birthday party isn’t complete without campsite food.  For a kids party things like hot dogs, hamburgers and S’Mores are perfect.

Serve up Kool Aid, fruit juice boxes or single serving drinks that would typically be found in a cooler at a campsite.

Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

 In a group of boys, there is nothing like being told it is okay to spit.  Watermelons are synonymous with camping in the South, and a seed spitting contest is just another fun way for the kids to have fun on their fun camping birthday party.

Decorate with lanterns, mosquito netting and fishing poles

Set up picnic tables along with your campsite chairs or lawn chairs for kids to sit at.  String lanterns, campsite lights and mosquito netting around tables for a more authentic look.

A tackle box and a few fishing poles leaned up next to one of the tents gives it a real camping feel.

Make animal tracks around camp

Use dirt, loose sand or a small area of mud to create what look like real animal tracks around the camp for kids to go searching for.  Print up simple sheets with information about the different animals in your area and their tracks so the kids can learn what to look for.  This is one of our favorite fun and educational camping birthday party ideas!

These great camping birthday party ideas are tons of fun for the whole family to get involved in. Kids will love the camping adventure, and parents will love that they can go back inside to cool off and have all the comforts of home.  Party favors can include things like camping supplies, flashlights, guidebooks, maps and a compass.  This is a fun filled birthday idea great for girls, boys and the entire family.

Camping Birthday Party Ideas


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