Canada’s Best Selling Minivan- 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan


I had the pleasure of test driving 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan recently and this minivan turned out to be full of surprises for our family. Even though the Caravan was generous with its interior space, on the outside, it looked quite compact and well designed.

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

 Thirty years later since the Caravan of first generation launched in 1984, the 2013 Grand Caravan is five years into its fifth generation. Facing tough competition all the time with the competing Crossovers in the market, Dodge Grand Caravan still holds its place with steadfastness and pride. As the bigger vehicles evolved over time based on the needs of the customers, especially the family class, the Grand Caravan also underwent quite a bit of changes in terms of features and style.

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan reviews

 The feature that attracted me most in this vehicle was the Stow-n-Go in the second row. The floor works as a storage space to keep your things. You can fold the seats down when you are ready and you can activate the folding mechanism using the lever. But before you do this, the front row seats need to be moved all the way forward to make room for the second row to come down.

 On the road, Grand Caravan turned out to be smooth and manageable. The handling of the minivan was commendable on rough pavements and took the corners nice and easy. Driving along in the Grand Caravan with my family was nothing but a joy and I could easily see myself taking peaceful long trips in its company.  

 Kevin and Krista instantly fell in love with the wide berth and the space that the Grand Caravan offered as it provided a lot of room for them to root around and have fun while traveling. The overhead DVD console became an instant hit obviously as it had the potential to keep them quiet and happy for extended time period. There were Video remote control and wireless headphones if they need to use them and I thought of  it as pretty cool.

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan review


Other specifics particular to my test drive vehicle are as follows:


Make- Dodge

 Model- Grand Caravan SXT Plus Stow-n-Go

 Year- 2013

 Engine: 3.6L V6 VVT

 Transmission- 6 Speed Automatic

 Price tag: $37,740 CAD. But the base model price begins at $27,995 CAD.


Interior Features


Air conditioning with dual-zone temperature control

 Power windows with Driver’s One-Touch-Down feature

 Power locks

 Unconnect 130 CD/MP3, 4 speakers/ High Definition Multi Media interface

 6.5’’ Touch Screen Display

 Steering wheel mounted Audio controls

 Outside temperature display in odometer- Isn’t this one amazing?

 Lots of cup holders and floor console

 Park View Rear Backup Camera ( 5 Thumps up for this one! )

 Flex fuel vehicle – The fuel efficiency was incredible for Dodge Grand Caravan! I was actually prepared to witness an assault on the minivan’s gas tank due to its bigger size. But it turned to be a winner and gave me a better fuel consumption than I imagined possible! According to Government of Canada’s approved testing methods, Dodge Grand Caravan could give you 12.2 L/100 Km in the City and 7.9L/100 Km in a Highway. Impressive, isn’t it?


In the SXT- Plus Group


Aluminum Wheels

 Second row power windows

 Anti- lock 4-wheel disc brakes to name a few…


 If you have a family of 7 or less (really doesn’t matter ) and looking for lots of space in your vehicle and prefers it to be a bit fuel efficient (if it is not too much to ask. Ha-ha), then Grand Caravan is the way to go!

Enjoy your time on the road with Canada’s best selling Minivan!


****Disclosure: I was provided with this vehicle for a week to keep for test driving purposes. The opinions expressed here are my own and they are honest****




  1. I miss having a minivan. We had two different ones when my kids were younger and we were carpooling and taking long driving trips. But now that they are grown, we don’t need a car of that size anymore.

  2. We use to own a Dodge Caravan…the best van we every own. We have been thinking about getting another one.

  3. Looks stylish. We are in search of a new family car and will have to check this one out in person.

  4. I always say I’ll never drive a mini-van, but they are getting SO slick nowadays! I love all the bonus features. Thanks for sharing! From Blogging Mamas.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Krystal. Yes, minivans are getting so stylish these days in terms of designs and features.. The Grand Caravan has some cool features 🙂

  5. It’s important to have a dependable minivan when you have a family. When my kids were young, we had minivans. If I needed one now, I certainly would check out this beautiful and impressive Dodge Minivan.

  6. I had a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan and I LOVED it! It rode SO smooth and was super comfy and roomy. I cried like a baby when I sold it. We bought a boat and needed something a bit bigger and more powerful to tow it. I still miss that van!

  7. We have both a Ford Aerostar van and a Ford Windstar van. The Aerostar need new axles in the front and the Windstar belonged to my son’s mom before she passed away. I’d love to have a van again, it is so nice to have all the room. I have seen the Dodge Caravan and known friends that have had them and they all have really liked them. Thanks for the info, I would love to have a new one.

  8. wow nice car and i loved the features its a perfect family car to go for long drives and long journeys. my most favortie feature of the car is Power windows with Driver’s One-Touch-Down feature i have never seen this in any car as of now it has a touch down feature which is wow


  10. We use to drive a van several years ago and I loved it. It was so easy to get the kids in and out of and hauling groceries was great too. I no longer have one since the kids are grown but I really miss it. This one is really nice!

  11. I am surprised at how many options are now available on a minivan. I remember the days when everyone was embarrassed to drive one!

  12. Thanks for the info about the Dodge Caravan. We lost one of our minivans to a car wreck a few years ago and really need to replace it. Your information will definitely help in the decision making!!

  13. My two favorite features are the Park View Rear Backup Camera and all the space! I would love to have space like that in my vehicle!

  14. Just got our first minivan this past February and absolutely love it. It is a 2001 Olds Silhouette. WE got a great deal and its loaded with features. Minivans are the best!

  15. very nice, I only had one dodge and I wasn’t very happy with it, but I think several people had trouble with the dodge ram 50

  16. I learned to drive in a Dodge Minivan. I hate minivans, but I loved driving the one my mom had. It drove great and was very dependable. :0)

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