Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Canning season is coming soon and its time to brush up  your canning skills. To get you started, I have a fabulous idea to share!

Blueberries works great for canning, so look no further than canning blueberry jam recipe to start the season at the right note 🙂

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Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Now on to our Canning Blueberry Jam recipe! This blueberry jam recipe is quite easy to make. As an added bonus, you will also find some instructions on how to handle the jars used for canning as well!

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe



7 cups blueberries
2C water
5T low sugar petin
3/4 C Truvia baking blend  sugar
5T lemon

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe- Directions

1. Place all of your blueberries in a food processor push chop until you get the consistency you want. I like bits of fruit in my jam so I watch till its still chunky but smooth.

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

2. Now move your blueberries in a pan or pot over medium heat

3. Add water and lemon juice

4. Bring the jam to a rolling boil

5. Now add the sugar stirring constantly to prevent burning.

6. Bring your jam back up to a boil for one minute.

Handling the jars properly to store your Blueberry Jam is equally important if you want the jam to stay fresh for a long time. Canning process described below works great for all things canning you are planning this season!

Boiling the jars (4 for this recipe)

Fill your large pot with a canning rack or strainer 3/4 of the way full with water. You want to make sure the water covers the top of your jars.

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Wash your jars and lids with warm water then place the jars in the large pot of water and the lids in a smaller pot of water. I prefer to keep these items separate for easier handling.

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Prepare your jam as instructed above.

Using your tongs remove one of the jars and dry with a towel.

Now using a funnel fill your jars with your blueberry jam.

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

Leave at least 1 inch form the top for jam expansion. I now remove the bubbles with the long green tool provided in my kit by pressing the jam against the jar walls.

Wipe the sides and top to remove any jam so the lids can be attached. Using the magnet tool pull one of the lids out of the hot water bath and place on top of the jar. Now repeat this process by getting the other part of the lid. Use towel to tighten the lid closed.

Repeat process till all jars are filled.

Now using the jar lifter place each jar back in the hot water bath and bring the water to a boil.

Turn the heat off and et the jars stand for another 5 minutes.

Remove your jars and place on a wire rack or a cutting board and let stand for 12 hours.

Now label your jars and they can store up to 1 year.

NOTE: When ladling jam into hot jar leaving proper ‘head space’, which is the space at the top of the jar between the underside of the lid and the top of the jam. For jam it’s ¼ inch. Overfilling and underfilling can result in a jar that does not seal properly.

NOTE: When removing from water and listen for the ‘pop’ of the jar lids.This means they are sealed. Sometimes it can take several minutes for the popping sound. Check jar seals by pressing on centre of each lid. If the lid center is pulled down and does not move its got a good seal. If you’ve waited a few hours and the seal hasn’t popped, place jar in refrigerator.

Canning Blueberry Jam Recipe

So, there you have it! Canning Blueberry jam recipe is really easy if you follow through the instructions above. Let me know how it turns out for you. Happy Canning! 🙂


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  2. The blueberry jam looks good, but I have to admit I am most excited about the wash away labels! Off to check them out.

    Thanks for sharing on Tasty Tuesdays. Hope to see you back next week.

  3. I’ve canned my own strawberry jam, but never blueberry! I have a couple blueberry bushes in my backyard too so I definitely want to try this.
    Also, if you’re interested, I’d like to invite you to stop by our Your Turn To Shine link party. It opens every Thursday and I’d love to see some of your projects there. Hope you’re having a great week!

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