Car Safety and Back to School-Do you ever think about it?

With back to school in full swing, it’s time to start thinking not just about clothes and supplies but vehicle safety as well.  

Car safety and back to school-do you ever think about it?  You may be wondering why these two are related, but it is an important topic to consider.

The safety of your children is on top of your list.  In most cases, they will be commuting to school and back in the car. Not to mention, you drive your kids and their friends around for sports, music, dance lessons and what not.  Yet, we sorta overlook the maintenance of our car to ensure it’s school-ready as well, along with school backpacks, shoes, clothes, stationery etc.

Car Safety and Back to School-Do you ever think about it?

Back-to-school car safety starts both inside and outside our car with maintenance, safe driving, and even proper child restraints.  I am sharing some tips today to help you make sure your car is ready for going back to school. Consider this as your special back-to-school car checklist!

After we are done here, I hope ensuring that your car is school-ready will be the first on your to-do list for back-to-school season every year 🙂 .

  1. Make sure you can see clearly

One thing that is always a concern is  driving the kids to the bus stop on those early mornings, or even the late nights after hockey or soccer. Making sure you can see clearly is vital to being a safe driver.  Why? Because if you can’t see what’s in front of you or around your car, you are more likely to have an accident.  Nobody wants to take the chance of an accident with kids in the car.  Did you know, by the way, that you have a choice in selecting headlights? Yes, you do have choices! Many of them, in fact.

I didn’t know this myself until recently when checking out Canadian Tire. It was surprising to see all different types of lights available at the store. Seriously, it was a revelation! I don’t remember changing the headlights of my car even once since it was bought about 7 years ago. I thought, this is it, and this is all the clarity I’d get while driving with these current headlights. I mean, it wasn’t bad; I was able to see in the dark, but the possibility of seeing better at night was unknown to me. The timing was perfect when I got the opportunity to review SYLVANIA’s SilverStar ULTRA  headlights.

Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA headlights for superior night vision

Best in class, these headlight bulbs offer the brightest down road headlight, more clarity to increase peripheral (side road) visibility, and they emit a whiter light for greater contrast of objects. See these before and after pics below and note the difference.  

Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA headlights

Think that’s pretty cool? Me too! 

Oh, and SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA headlights also provide superior night vision.  If you want to see better while driving at night, these headlights are a must buy. I can already see the difference in the visibility I was used to and what I have now. I strongly recommend SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA, as long as these headlights are compatible with your car. It is quite easy to test the compatibility with the step-by-step instructions on the Canadian Tire product page.

Well, just buying new headlights and installing them does not ensure car safety. If seeing well is your priority while driving, then following this checklist will help too:


  • Routinely clean your headlights and taillights so you have the best lighting possible in the dark, or even on those foggy fall mornings.
  • Clean your windshield each time you fill your car up with gas so you have no bugs, streaks, or grime obstructing your view.
  • Replace windshield wipers regularly to make sure they are in good working order for those occasional rain showers.


  1. Be aware of speed limits around school zones

 School zones often have lowered speed limits, and it is important to take note of this as you drop off or pick up your kids.  With so many children underfoot, it is easy for one to step out into the road unexpectedly.  Being able to stop easily and safely is important.  Make note of school zone speed limits and abide by them even during times when school is not in session.

  1. Educate yourself on child restraint protocol

 Many parents don’t realize that a booster seat often isn’t enough.   School-aged children often still need to be in a 5-point harness or full booster until they reach a certain height or weight requirement.  Double check your installation, as well as measure and weigh your child to ensure they are in the right restraint for safety.

car safety and kids

So what do you think? Is your car ready for back to school?

 If not, a great way to start is by stopping at Canadian Tire and picking up a pair of new headlights. If you are on the road for  early school morning drives or late night trips from ballet lessons, hockey or soccer, SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA will provide you with superior night vision and change your night driving visibility for the better!


These tips for back to school car safety are perfect for making sure your kids and everyone else on the road are safe and sound at all times.


***This post was written in partnership with SYLVANIA Canada and I received product(s) mentioned here free to facilitate a honest review***

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