Celebrate #GivingTuesday with Give Forward

Lots of excitement these days as we transition from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Tons of shopping to do-  gift hunting for  loved ones for holidays and getting hold of awesome deals that you have been waiting for so long- it is so much fun! Trust me, I am all for shopping. Shopping is therapy for me.

I indulge in it so deeply that  I forget to keep track of my spending on things I don’t really need but buy it anyway. Not gonna lie here, but  I am just out of control when it comes to shopping. Specially, when the tempting sales flyers are all around  and phrases like “Great Deal” or “WOW” or “Buy it Now Before its Gone”  jumps out of the paper and scream at your face all day long, you just can’t win! 🙁

Celebrate #GivingTuesday with #GiveForward

But seriously, I get fed up sometimes. Purchasing gifts for your dear ones is fun, but is it truly an act of giving? When you give, it embraces the full meaning of it when you don’t expect anything in return. But is that the case with holiday gift shopping? Chances are, you expect gifts back from people as you plan to shop for them. So, ultimately I am forced to see it as a series of transaction of gifts instead of true giving.

This is where Give Forward comes in and it symbolizes the true meaning of giving.

Give Forward is a platform where you can raise money for yourself or for your loved one for a noble cause. The fundraiser is created instantly and you get to spread the message for the cause you believe in. To ensure the success of your fundraiser, Give Forward provides you the assistance you need including the availability of personal coaches.  Starting out is real easy-Tell your loved one’s story and upload your photo and set your goal. Then, submit and share. That’s it!

I think this is great! Instead of buying gifts that doesn’t hold much meaning in the grand scheme of things, helping a loved one achieve a certain goal or accomplish a certain dream appears sincere and genuine.

Now, let’s move on to Give Forward’s great initiative called Giving Tuesday!

Give Forward's Giving Tuesday

Give Forward observes Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday as Giving Tuesday- a day truly dedicated to giving! In efforts to boost humanity rather than economy, on Tuesday after US Thanksgiving, spend time or money to a cause or a person you care about.

One example would be to buy morning coffee for that homeless guy you have been seeing around lately. Another idea? Remove the snow from your Grand Parents’ drive way that is piling up and you just know they can’t do it themselves. Or how about contributing cash to a non profit organization that you care about? There are tons of ways to give sincerely…

There is a great fundraiser going on at Give Forward right now and I thought I would share.The Shah family is badly in need of money to cover some out of pocket medical expenses for treatments ordered by Andrew’s Cancer doctors. Imagine the trauma the family is undergoing due to their son’s sickness? Do they really need or deserve the stress of creditors demanding payment while they fight for their son’t life? No! Donating or even sharing Shah’s cause is a great way to show you care on Giving Tuesday…

There are many more causes that yearns for our attention at Giving Forward at one time or the other. Choosing to act on at least one of them instead of being a silent bystander can make a world of difference in someone’s life..someone you don’t even know but that someone will ever be grateful to you for listening..for helping. Get to know Give Forward and embrace the true meaning of giving this Tuesday and also on the oncoming Holiday season…

****Disclosure:This is a sponsored post regardless opinions are my own and it is honest****

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