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Love Moons

Love Moons Poetry

You are the northern wind
Sweeping, gusting,
Teasing the burning sky.
You are the hottest blue,
The force that blows me away.
Your love,
It rises out of the sea
And descends to the depths of my being …

Although timeless and eternal, love goes through stages, like moon phases.

In a debut volume of verse, Vinma invites you on a lunar journey to not only rediscover previously known thoughts about love, but also to learn and embrace new insights. Within a variety of poems sprinkled with passion, promises, commitments, compromises, betrayal, and sacrifices, Vinma leads us to the realization of self that truly endures and powers through its eclipses in life’s darker moments to find radiance in each moon cycle and ultimately come full circle.

 Love Moons is a poetic saga of love and endurance of self that truly shines bright in the twilight of life.

A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care

Self-care is so important for moms. Why? Taking care of yourself above all helps make sure your family is cared for better since you have more focus and energy.

A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care is the resource to get you started. Maybe you are looking for a support network to share your experiences or ask questions. Or maybe what you need is simply a gentle nudge and reminder to put YOU first on your to-do list. Or you are looking for ideas on how to better care for yourself moving on forward. You are covered on all grounds!

In Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-care, Author shares ideas and hacks for Moms to implement for better living, self-care and personal care motivation. You will read about how to squeeze in me-time, practice mindfulness, managing stress and even tips on getting physically healthy.

You will also hear from other Moms. They might give you a tip or two about self-care and why is it important.

Finally, you get access to free printables-personal planners, fun to-do lists etc. Things that can improve your quality of living and mindset.

A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care is jampacked with actionable tips that will help you steer the ship of Motherhood with resilience, mindfulness, and self-love that you were lacking for so long!

Welcome to your journey of Self-care and Self-love mama! Enjoy.

Busy Parenting 101

Busy Parenting 101 is packed with tips and tricks to tackle your busy parenting life. In this book you will learn:

– How to manage your time effectively and get things done without stressing out too much as a Parent and a Bread Winner.

– How to keep your house clean without going crazy-laundry tips and hacks to stay on top of your laundry stack and housekeeping ideas to rock you better than a housekeeping Goddess!

– How to bring order into your chaotic Parenting life so that you can find some precious “me time” and even go on date nights with your significant other (Yes, sounds insane, but very much possible!)

-Tips on finding a good babysitter and other resources.

– How to pack healthy lunches for your kids every day. Ideas on making school lunches for the week, recipes etc. All doable, of course!

– How to effectively help your kids with the homework, organize and set up homework station etc.

-Information on efficient Apps to get your Organizing your chores and tasks ahead for weeks or months.

-Keeping fit together as a family with fun fitness activities.

-FREE printables to help your parenting life easy!

And much more…

A Pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance

(Totally off-topic I know. Since I wrote it, this is here too. Yep I work in Insurance)

Insurance is a necessary evil in life.

We all know we need insurance but we would rather not deal with it if given a chance right? Be it Car or Home insurance or Life and Health insurance, there is so much information out there that it is almost impossible to sift through all of it that is available and pick only the details that you really need.

This book is designed to make your life easy when it comes to providing only what is relevant to your insurance needs.

Have a question on your car insurance? Chances are you will find an answer to that one on this book.

Worried about your home insurance premium going up this year? I share some tips on how to bring it down on your next renewal.

Sick and tired of your insurance going up every year? Well, there are some tweaks you could do to make your costs manageable going forward.

What’s all the fuss about life insurance? Do you really need it? Answers you find in this book may surprise you.

Concerns about fixing your credit history, protecting your identity online or insuring your valuables adequately are all discussed in “A Pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance”.

“A Pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance” is all you need to face your deal with Insurance no matter from which walk of life you are from.

As an Insurance Underwriter and also as the author of this book, I have poured in all the knowledge I have gained over the years into this book and really made it a one-stop-shop to answer all your questions in the best possible way I can.

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