Checking In

Hi friends

Its been over 2 months since you heard from me last. Although this hiatus feels much much longer than that.

I haven’t written a word in ages. Not just on the blog, but anywhere for that matter. And let me tell you, it certainly isn’t pretty. It is not nice to disappear on you like that. Specially when I know that you’ve been looking for me from the amount of visits I get on my “About” page and messages off late. It is like you popping by to check if anyone home.

“Hello! Is anybody here? I haven’t seen you out lately.. hope all is well. Just give me a shout when you can. Bye” 


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A wellness check maybe? I can see you are concerned and want to make sure I am ok. So I think it is time to answer the call.  Your message is received. I am here. I am alive. Just sorting out a few things in quiet. I haven’t been sick or anything, before you ask. Just dealing with some personal situations that need 100% of my attention. I can’t afford distraction, all my focus is needed for what is at hand right now. Yes, I could use some prayers, well wishes, positive vibes etc. If you have any of those in reserve, kindly send them my way. I would appreciate the kindness, thank you.

I thought a lot about  popping by to say hi to you today on the blog.

Like what is the best way to present a “checking in” message? Words have so much power you see. Intended meaning might get lost somewhere if you do not use proper words. God forbid if you get carried away while at it. And I have a bad rap for “getting carried away”. Anyway the point is, life is full of ups and downs. Let’s call them “contrasts”. It is these contrasts that make up Life. Or it is when life REALLY happens. You have heard people say “life happened” or “life happens”. Now, sometimes good things happen when “life happens” or it could be the opposite. Whatever the case is, it is in those moments we learn the purpose of living, the reason for our time on earth and what we must do for the greater good. And trust me, it is scary. We will face difficult situations or will be forced to make crucial decisions.  We might go through hell and back or we might not even make it at all. We learn things, new lessons all previously unknown. And at the end of it all, we walk away with wisdom-the knowledge that all things happen for a reason- good or bad. After all, it is just “labels” we create ourselves to describe situations that unfold in our lives. What is important is the “experience” we go through. There is nothing good or bad. It is what we make of it and what we learn from it at the end.

So why did I say all this? Currently, life is happening to me. In a way that was never before. I am facing a difficult journey but I trust the process. I am a believer in Universe. The experiences that are presented to me right now are essential for my personal growth, hence regardless how I feel about it, I know it is for the greater good.

It must be all clear as mud for you at the moment since I was nothing but vague in telling you what exactly is happening in my life. But I am hoping to share further with you in time (in no uncertain terms then), once I make the journey back 🙂

I do appreciate you, please know. In fact, it is your response to my absence that made me find the will to sit down this afternoon and write to you. So , thank you for that.

On the bright side, a project I have been working on for a while now is finally coming to completion. I wasn’t all that much there in the process ( full disclosure) to bring it to a close but I did my part. Now my team is hard at work to put it all together for the launch. I am excited about it as it is a maiden venture. Hoping to bring you more news shortly.

I shall see you again when the rain clouds part and when the sun comes out…


Love and Light sister.



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