Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program


I have been recently given an opportunity to attend  the launch of Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto this past weekend. Organized as a fun event at the Auto Show,  The workshop consisted of a kid-friendly brunch, followed by family-fun activities geared towards learning about car seat safety.

Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program
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After the event, we were also given tickets to enjoy the Auto Show as well, where we walked around swooning over all sorts of cars- new cars, sports cars, prototype cars and some classics as well.

Canadian International Auto Show

Canadian International Auto Show

It was a day well spent in every way.

In the morning, along with a bunch of other families and caregivers, we learned from a certified technician how to correctly install a car seat at the  Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program .

Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program
Photo Courtesy:GM


And in the afternoon, we had a blast enjoying the Auto Show and the stories of which will find home in  yet another post of mine 🙂

Mean time, here are some details on the Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat  Installation Program that you would be interested to know about.

Chevrolet Canada is partnering with Parachute Canada to ensure the safety of our children while in a vehicle. The above said Car Seat Installation Workshop aimed at spreading the word about offering families expert advice on installing car seats into any make or model of vehicle for free.

Families and caregivers can sign up for the free workshops at  Sessions will begin at Chevrolet dealerships in Vancouver and Toronto in April 2014.  Dealerships in Montreal will begin offering the workshops in late spring 2014.  Regardless of the  vehicle you drive, or the type of car seat you own, parents and caregivers can register online now for their free expert consultation.

Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program
Photo Courtesy: GM

These workshops were first initiated in Toronto back in 2012 and 2013. The response from parents, grandparents, expectant parents and caregivers were so positively overwhelming that Chevrolet is working with Parachute to now offer this program in three major cities.

Watch this video for more information on the program:

Natalie Nankil, Public Relations Manager, Chevrolet Canada says: “Safety has always been a priority for Chevrolet.Knowing that car seat safety has become such a concern, and that parents are looking for know-how and support, Chevrolet decided to help all drivers with the new Safe and Sure program.”

Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop Program
Natalie Nankil and Louise Logan

Words of Louise Logan, President and CEO of Parachute: “Parachute is excited to work with Chevrolet to give families the tools they need to travel safely.Research shows that a properly installed and used car seat will prevent injuries, and could save your child’s life.  We encourage you to register for a Chevrolet Safe and Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop, so that you can learn this life-saving skill.”

Car Seat Safety is very important as children are our most precious cargo. Accessing information in regards to this is easier than ever before. To register for a Safe and Sure Chevrolet Car Seat Installation Workshop visit

******Disclosure: I was invited to attend the event free of cost as part of Chevrolet Canada Media. Opinions expressed here about the program are my own and it is honest******


  1. I’ve been looking at all these photos and I love those cars in the exhibition. And the car seats – oh so cute and I bet their really strong and reliable too. I don’t have kids, but if I had, I’d be using these as well!

  2. I love what Chevrolet is doing with the car seat classes. It is so important. I went to one after my first son thinking I had it all down pat but nope little errors! Its a great service for new and experience parents!

  3. That is so cool! I would love to attend a workshop and auto show. Of course, learning about the safety rules of car seats are definitely important. I bet it is so nice to see prototype cars….

  4. I don’t have kids at the moment but I would’ve loved to attend a workshop like this! Looks like you had a great time and also I’m pretty sure I would’ve learned some great tips for future reference. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Seat belts are so simple solutions and yet they save lives. It is great to see your child safe and sound if you ever involve in an accident. It is not a joke, if a child isn’t wearing a seatbelt he/she would be shooting like a bullet out of a car in a collision. No matter how safe cars or roads you build you cannot legislate for human error or negligence. But authorities and concerned organizations can do their best to educate people. Nice to see large corporations giving back to the community.

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