Children’s Halloween Party Ideas

As part of my Halloween 2013 series,  I want to dedicate a post just on how to  host Halloween parties as cost effective as possible.  

Today, I would like to  share with you some  simple ways to create a Halloween party for all your little ghouls and ghosts that is sure to be frightfully fun and not-so-scary on your budget. These Children’s Halloween Party Ideas will  come handy for your party decorations on the cheap!

Children’s Halloween Party Ideas

Children’s Halloween Party Ideas


Many of the party decorations can be made rather than bought. Simple white sheets can be hung over things to give your home that old haunted house feeling. Hanging orange Christmas lights or even green ones can give a room an eerie glow.

Look at thrift stores for other decorations. You might be surprised that there are a lot at many right now that would be perfect for your party. Also, dollar store carry a lot for decorations as well as plates, napkins and cups.

Use your old trick or treat buckets as a way to serve food and decorate.


This is an easy one. Just look for stations that play family friendly radio. Pandora is free and online. 

If you don’t find a station on Pandora that works, you can put together a collection of spooky sounds from this article


Make pretzel rod ghosts. This inexpensive treat is made by dipping pretzel rods halfway into white chocolate (melted) and adding eyes made from black small candies. These look great displayed in a spooky glass or bowl.

Ordinary foods can go from blah to boo by just renaming them. Carrots and ranch cand be “Scare-orts and ranch”.

Use spooky cookie cutters to help create fun cut-outs for food such as tea sandwiches.

 Spooky Bat Halloween Cookie Cutter Wilton Skull Comfort Grip Cookie


This was always a favorite when I was a kid. Do a “guess the body part” game in the dark. Turn cold wet noodles into “intestines”, peeled grapes into “eyeballs” and watery Jello into curdled blood. Have each Child Dip their hands in and take their best guess. This works best with older kids.

For younger kids, do mini-pumpkin decorating. Get some cheap mini-pumpkins, googly eyes and paints or markers. Have the kiddos create fun pumpkins with craft materials you may even have at home such as glitter and glue. 

 Foamies Jack-O-Lanterns Halloween Foam Activity

They get to take home their creation as a party favor.

Of course no Halloween party is complete without a costume contest. Have your guests vote on costumes in categories such as ‘Scariest”. Funniest”, etc. Winners get a prize bag filled with inexpensive bulk candy.

Childrens Halloween Party Ideas

Are you hosting  kids Halloween party this year?  If yes, I hope you find these Children’s Halloween Party Ideas and tips useful. Happy Halloween!

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  1. So many great ideas to have the BEST Halloween party ever!! I am going to do the mini pumpkins with my Grandkids. thanks for the idea.

  2. I haven’t hosted my own party – I’m too much of a “Scrooge” for that, but I have wonderful family members that love to host and then my girls get their wonderful “fix” of holidays – especially Halloween! I love the mini pumpkin decorating idea (our kiddos are all small), so I will definitely suggest to my SIL 🙂 Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  3. Just what I need! I am planning to host a small Halloween party for the children around our floor apartment. nothing fancy but just a way for my little boy to get friends over =)

  4. I love this! Great tips for throwing parties on a budget, and I bet you can easily modify these for other holidays. And what a fun way to get creative with what you have! Thanks. 🙂

  5. I love the pretzel rod idea! We dont usually throw Halloween parties, maybe when my little one is a bit older it would be fun to have all of their friends over.

  6. I love the picture! Black cats are my favorite. 🙂 And yes, those were excellent tips. Thanks for sharing simple, thrifty ways to party!

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