Choose Hope and Happy in the New Year


Happy brand New Year everyone!

Welcome to the season of reflections.

We reminisce about the past year-the milestones and the could’ve beens.

We also look towards the New Year- the future with hope. We make resolutions, fully intend to keep them until the end. There is brightness in our hearts, a spark that lights up our spirits like Christmas.

Choose Hope and Happy in the New Year!

Choose Hope and Happy in the New Year!


We choose hope and happiness in these newborn days of 2018. Although the weather has us embraced in its deep cold wintery arms, it can’t steal the warmth that we feel from within.

If you think about human beings, we are truly resilient. We can withstand dire adversities just by an inner strength that can pierce through problems of any size, shape or form. In a way, this is the quality that enables us to go on. Our resilience and hope outshine our hardships. We strive to find the positive, the light, even though circumstances have us scrambling and there is no end in sight.

We are weary but at the same time, we have strength in reserve. We are heartbroken but we know how to mend ourselves and put us back together.

We are great healers, givers, and seekers of better tomorrows.

Resolutions that you didn’t follow through from last few years? Here is your opportunity to start anew.

Go after that dream that you keep hiding in your heart for ages. God is giving you another chance. Aren’t you lucky?

Promises unkept, goals not met? Time is right now. Take that first step.

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A new year is also a new opportunity to set the record straight. No more wailing about missed chances and lost time.

Life continues in 2018, and we go along as well with a drive in our hearts that no storm can uproot.


New Year Resolutions- Cliched Much?


Now let’s take a moment to ponder resolutions.

Personally, I believe you should have resolutions on a daily basis. It is not something you should think about just in the new year, but all year round. It keeps you focused, driven. Something that helps me to maintain my resolutions is this: I pick a word and focus my energy on that word. It could be for a month, 3 months or 1 year. Ideally, your resolution should match with the word you pick.- could be long term or short, depending on the span and fruition of your resolution.

What’s your Word of Choice?


For example, Eating Better seems to be a popular resolution. Pick a word like HEALTH to closely align with your resolution of Eating Better. Write this word down on little notes and stick it in places you see easily on day to day basis. Add it to your planner if you have to, so you don’t forget about your resolution or Word of Choice. Create mood or vision boards with visuals that correlate with Health and Eating Better. Tada! Your Word of Choice is permanently imprinted on your brain helping you staying true to the resolution made.

I know it is easier said than done, but unless you try would you know that? 😉

This year, I have picked RESILIENCE. Even writing down this word now gives me a sense of purpose. My resolution aligns so well with this word and I am preparing myself to be resilient next 6 months in light of some life-changing events to come.

Choosing happiness

My Word of Choice might stick around longer than the time frame I intend, but right now I am focused on the first half of this year.

Are you a resolution taker? Think of a Word of Choice and share it with us 🙂 Because sharing is caring!

Happy 2018 friends! Here’s to us. (Virtual wine glasses clinking)




  1. I love reading your work Vinma because it is so beautifully written and really relateable…like you know just what to say and you put it so perfectly. I hope you nevwr stop writing. Your writing is impactful and a really great pleasure to read. Happy new year my beautiful. May your resilient spirit guide you through any tough times with valuable rewards. My word will be Express… I want to be able tp learn to write again and express my thoughts feelings, imagination, poetry, etc…. I will try to do a little bit of that everyday. ok realistically once a week.. Wish me luck

    1. Sorry Irene, I saw your message almost two years late! Apologies. I love that word “Express”. I think it is really important to express your feelings because it is when we are open, we become more sensitive to the true beauty of this world we live in. I love every minute of the time I spend writing. Expressing my thoughts keep me focused and accountable and also thankful of the blessings I have. I hope you write and communicate with your true spirit. It is a beautiful relationship. Good luck! Happy New year 2020 my friend. xx

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