Colorful Carnations Science Project for Kids


Happy Saturday! 

What are your plans this weekend? With kids being back to school, we are all getting back to our regular routine slowly but surely 🙂

In case, you have room to do some fun activities, I have a great suggestion! 

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Make a bunch of colorful carnations while teaching the little ones a bit about science.  Give this colorful carnations science project a try. With just a few inexpensive supplies, you can turn white carnations,  all of the colors of the rainbow! This is a great experience for children as they learn about how flowers feed themselves, On a brighter note, the finished product offers quite a spectacle!

Take a look at how to get started making your own.

Colorful Carnations Science Project for Kids 

Colorful Carnation Science Project for Kids

Here are the supplies you will need


White Carnations. (typically less than $1 each at your local grocer or florist)

Colorful Carnation Science Project for Kids

Assorted food coloring

Drinking glasses




1. You want to begin by cutting down the stems of the flowers. This will make sure the ends of the stem are healthy and open to receiving water. Cut about 2 inches of the stem under running water and set the flowers aside.

2. Fill each drinking glass with water. Each one only needs to be filled about half way.

Colorful Carnation Science Project for Kids
3. Now, add a generous amount of food coloring to each cup. You want to add about 7-10 drops. Stir well to make sure the color is dispersed evenly.

4. You can now add your carnations. Simply place one carnation in each cup/color.

Now comes the hard part…The waiting!

Explain to children how flowers suck food through their stems. The stems act like a straw, carrying nutrients up to the bloom. Since the food, the water, is now colored, they will be able to see it move its way up to the bloom. Pretty cool!

In a few days, your white carnations will turn the colors of the food coloring. The longer you leave them in the colored water, the darker the color will get. In no time, you will have a rainbow of colorful carnations, and children will have a better understanding of how flowers feed themselves.

Colorful Carnation Science Project for Kids

As I mentioned earlier this is a fun science project for kids that will teach them the workings of how flowers feed themselves.


Give these colorful carnations a try!


  1. I remember doing this in school.. or was it with celery and we split it, one part in that cup, other in other and it sucked into the middle cup…. or was there no celery… wow it’s been long ago

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