Confessions of a Fitness Girl

I was never a fitness girl.

Boy, working out or keeping in shape were foreign concepts. I paid no particular attention to eating healthy or how important it was to listen to my body and taking care of it like the way it deserved.

Anyhow when I hit mid-thirties, I started noticing certain things about myself.

I  pant when I climb the stairs.

I get tired by noon even if my day is not busy

All I can think of ALL THE TIME was sleep

I succumbed to aches and pains faster for no particular reason.

Oh, and what are these excess fats around my hips? And why are they so soft to touch?

I couldn’t feel ANY muscle in my body. I mean, I didn’t want to be a body builder or anything but come on, I didn’t just want to be a chunk of flesh either.

Confessions of a Fitness Girl

Confessions of a Fitness Girl

Yes, over all my physique portrayed a dismal picture. And in turn, it affected me mentally, big time.

It was then I knew things needed to change.

I didn’t want to be this tired beaten “feeling waaay older than I actually was” version.

I wanted an intervention. A transformation. A Unicorn. Well, not a unicorn but yeah, you get the point.

It was then Orangetheory Fitness came along. I was attracted to their bright orangy appearance and was immediately hooked! I was intrigued by their system of fitness and how it all worked. I mean, I never associated the color ‘Orange’ with Fitness. So what gives?

An opportunity came along where I formed a working relationship with Orangetheory in my capacity as an “Influencer”.

On a cold day in November, I trotted into the studio and greeted by friendly staff. Although I was nervous, I tried hard to appear confident with that bored look which tried to say I have been in gyms a thousand times before! (Ha!).

Orange Theory Fitness Brampton

But it didn’t calm my nerves as soon as I saw those monstrous looking water rowers and treadmills. They looked ginormous for my small frame. Also in a corner, there were TRX straps, dumbbells, and the whole shebang. I had no clue what the heck I was going to do with the straps hanging down from the wall.

It was my first time at a gym for god’s sake, let alone at a place like Orangetheory Fitness. I was in half mind to turn away. Well, Coach Jag came long and put a stop to it. He was the Head Trainer and quickly gave me a crash course on what to expect in his workout sessions.

Each session lasting 60 minutes is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone (Orange) that spikes metabolism and increases energy. Call it afterburn.

I never thought this day would come. But it did. I finished 5k today!! A year ago if you asked me to run this challenge, I would have laughed. Not happening right? But guys, if you set your mind into something, no matter what your limits are at that point, you will find a way to push them to make more room. To do what you want. To be who you want to be. And for me, that day was today. Hopefully, the first of many…❤ Thank you @otfbramptonsouth . And special thanks to my trainer Jag and @dogpaddling for introducing me to #orangezone

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These high-intensity trainings are led by Coaches or Personal trainers that blend cardiovascular and strength training.  Sounded amazing! But could I do it? I have no fitness background. And it doesn’t help I am the type of the person who can find EVERY reason in the book to NOT to move my body if I can. In fact, I have no reason to be here. Curiosity will now kill the cat. See? Not an ideal candidate. I voiced my concern and Coach Jag answered it promptly.

Orangetheory Fitness can accommodate people from ANY fitness level. Sessions are personalized to your comfort zone and you can go at your own pace. If a certain exercise regime is not compatible with you, don’t do it, find an easier version yourself or get recommendations from your Trainer.

It’s true! I have used this “help line’ like hundreds of times guys! And it works 🙂

Orange Theory Fitness Brampton

No one is there to judge. No one is going to point fingers at you and ask:

“You! One hovering at the corner. What are you doing here? Get out. You are at the wrong place.”

I felt much better after the Orientation with Coach Jag. I was ready to give it a try. And I did. Since November. And it is still going strong. My body feel great. My mind is fresh. A great work out rewards you with such things.

And I feel proud. Because you know why? I recently took part in a Dri-Tri Challenge hosted at Orangetheory Fitness and ran a 5k on the treadmill! Whaat?? Yes! I did. And I finished it!

I know, I can’t believe it either you guys. If you asked me to run with you a year ago, I will be like, “You are asking the wrong person”.

Well, I am now the ‘right’ person. The Fitness Girl. Gym Junkie. I have crossed over to the light. Or the dark side 😉

Anyway, I wanted to let you in on the loop. If you see me talking about fitness stuff in this space on random, don’t worry.

I am still the same person, but a new version. The ORANGE version. Proud member of OTF NATION.

Come work out with me at Orangetheory friend. By the way, I go to the one in Brampton. But I know they have different branches all over GTA and in States.

Silly me, yes they are based in Florida :).

Also in the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks! Yes, but I have a valid reason. I am sick as a dog we speak. But I am gathering my strength so I can hit it for some ‘orange’.

Will I see you there on my next visit? You could sign up and receive a free week!! 🙂

***More disclosure: This is not a paid post or sponsored by OTF in any way. I am just sharing some good information which I think could benefit you like it did for me****




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