5 Cool Crafts Ideas for Boys!

It is fun to come up with cool crafts ideas for kids to make at home.

I love doing projects with my son and he enjoys doing crafts and art projects as well. But it’s hard to find ready-made kits in stores geared toward boys.  After spending countless hours looking and finding most of the fun kits in stores geared toward traditionally girl themed projects I decided to compile a list of things that most boys would love.  And you can readily find online to get them started in being more creative and using natural talents and skills.

Below are my top 5 cool crafts ideas for boys!


5 Cool Crafts Ideas for Boys

Quick and easy crafts for Kids


The first in the list of cool crafts ideas of boys is Origami! This traditional paper folding technique is a great way to get your son interested in artistic endeavours.  Not limited to cranes and birds, the folding of paper into any design or shape is considered origami.  From hearts, to books to birds and even dinosaurs there are many books, kits and resources online available to teach your son of any age how to use his keen eye and folding abilities to create a beautiful gift.  My favorite book is Easy Origami and my favorite paper is Alex Toys Origami Paper Kit 


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 Paper Mache

Next in the list of my cool craft ideas is paper mache. It is one of the easiest and cheapest crafts around! A little glue, water and newsprint or paper and you have the means to create anything you can imagine.  From dragons, to piñatas to simple balls, planets or spheres to hang in their room this craft allows your budget to stay intact while your son gets down and dirty while creating something unique to him.  For ideas on what to create check out this book Papier Mache Monsters.

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Homemade Modeling Clay

This fun craft is a classic for most families and never ceases to be popular with the boys.  We especially like making the recipe below and adding food coloring, creating shapes and designs and allowing the clay to dry until hardened to display.  We have many snakes, lizards and bugs made from this. And this is one of the quick and easy crafts for kids!


1 1/3 Cups Flour

2 Packs of Unsweetened Kool Aid Mix {Color of choice}

¼ Cup Salt

½ Teaspoon Cream of Tartar

1 Cup Boiling Water

1 ½ Teaspoons Olive Oil


Mix dry ingredients together in large bowl.  Add water and olive oil and stir until dough forms.  Remove from bowl and knead until smooth.  Shape and form as you would traditional modeling clay.


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Colored Bubble Snakes

Another one of our cool crafts ideas is this cute colored bubble snakes. What a fun project!

Supplies Needed

Empty Water Bottle

Foot of nylons

Dishwashing liquid

Food coloring rubber band



Cut the bottom off of an empty water bottle (leave mouth intact).  Slip nylon over end and secure with rubber band.  In a small bowl mix 2 Teaspoons dishwashing liquid with 2 cups water and a few drops of food coloring as desired.  The best result is when you simply drop food coloring across the top. Dip nylon end of the water bottle into a bowl of soap/food coloring.  Blow through mouthpiece and see colored bubbles appear through holes in nylon.

Nature Boxes

A shoe box, a few twigs, leafs and critters from outside can be a craft or project in themselves.  My son love getting old shoe boxes, construction paper, markers, glue and other items together to decorate a new home for their finds on the trails out back.  We have many homes for lizards, beetles, millipedes and any other critter you can imagine a boy digging up.


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If you have a favorite craft activity that you enjoy doing with your son, please feel free to add it to my awesome list of Cool Crafts Ideas here! 

Remember to tap into what your kids enjoy doing already to find even more creative ways to use their time and create memories. Hope these easy craft ideas for kids to make at home inspire you to unleash your DIY spirit! 


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